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Looters Break Into Philly Gun Store; It Backfires on Them As 67-Year-Old Owner Shoots Back


Rioting and looting should never be condoned.

But if you're going to choose a business to burglarize, common sense says that a gun store shouldn't be one of them.

A group of young men attempted to rob a Philadelphia gun store on Tuesday night as protests surrounding the death of George Floyd spread across the nation.

The young men used bolt cutters to get through the gate.

They then smashed the backdoor and began smashing windows.

What the looters didn't expect, however, was that the gun shop owner would be inside.

When they got upstairs, the gun store owner was there and began firing in self defense.

One of the bullets hit one of the young men in the head, killing him in the store.

More details on this story below:

Gregory Isabella, who is 67 years old, decided to spend the night at the gun store after previous break-in attempts.

The spread of violence across the country had him worried, and he wanted to protect his store.

This would also make sure that guns did not fall into the wrong hands.

Fox News confirms the story:

A 67-year-old South Philadelphia gun store owner shot and killed a man he said was looting his business for what he suspects is the second night in a row.

Greg Isabella, who owns the Firing Line Inc, one of the oldest gun shops in the city, said he saw a group of looters on his surveillance video breaking a padlock on his gate using bolt cutters and descending on his shop in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred just after 4 a.m. when Isabella then confronted the thieves, and one -- in a group of what he says consisted of 3 or 4 people-- pointed a gun at him, according to reports by Fox affiliate WTFX.

Isabella fatally shot the gun-wielding robber using an AR-15 and the alleged thief died on the scene, reports say. The owner likely injured a second suspect in the shoulder. The rest of the thieves fled, but a local hospital informed police that a man was being treated for a gunshot wound to the shoulder, and police suspect he may have been involved in the botched heist.

The owner suspects that on the previous night, looters attempted to break in through a back door of the shop, ramming and beating at a steel door that showed signs of battering, and even marks that a crowbar was used to pry it open -- to no avail.

He told local media on the scene on Tuesday morning he had "no comment."

Gun sales across the country have ticked up in the wake of violent riots.

People want guns to be able to protect themselves and their families from violent looters and rioters.

While many rioters and looters have gone unpunished, one of the men who attempted to rob the gun store paid with his life.

Now, the local police have arrested another suspect.

Khaleef Brown, 17, has been charged with felony robbery among other charges.

NBC Philadelphia confirms the charges against Brown:

A teenager connected to a deadly break-in and shooting at a South Philadelphia gun shop has been charged with burglary.

Khaleef Brown, 17, is also charged with felony robbery, conspiracy and related charges after he and a group of three others tried to rob the Firing Line Inc. shop, which resulted in the shop owner shooting and killing one of the men, District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office said.

“The facts we know and the law are clear that the business owner’s use of force while inside his own property against a burglar accompanied by others who was entering with a gun in his hand was justified. It is fortunate for the City of Philadelphia that this large cache of guns and ammunitions were not taken and sold on the street,” Kransner said in a statement.

The violence must stop.

There is a difference between self-defense and defending your property, which is justified and protected by law.

But there is no excuse for violence and the damage of other people's property. 



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