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Senator Chuck Schumer: “I’m Proud of New York and I’m Proud of the Protests;” Claims Minimal Violence


It's a tale of two protests.

Just a few weeks ago, PEACEFUL protesters who wanted to reopen their businesses were derided as dangerous and a threat to public health.

But now, rioters and looters are being praised by the media and Democratic leaders such as Chuck Schumer.

In a stunning statement, the Senate minority leader proclaimed that "I'm proud of New York and I'm proud of the protests."


Countless businesses in New York City, many of which are minority-owned, have been looted or set on fire.

Innocent bystanders have been injured, and in rare cases, even killed.

But according to Schumer, the violence we see on TV isn't the reality on the ground.

Schumer claims that "violence… is not the overwhelming picture in New York."

Despite what Chuck Schumer says, the evidence does not lie.

Though the vast majority of George Floyd protesters are indeed peaceful, these protests have often descended into chaos.

There is even evidence that suggests that the violence is highly orchestrated and coordinated.

Here are just a few clips of the scenes in New York, where Schumer claims " not the overwhelming picture":

If this is "not" violence, then we would hate to see what Schumer's definition of civil unrest looks like.

CNS News confirms Schumer's incredibly tone-deaf comments:

Hours after a New York City police officer was stabbed in an unprovoked attack, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he thinks "things are improving over the last day or two" in his city.

"I will tell you this, the overwhelming majority of protesters in New York, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, are peaceful protesters," Schumer told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday.

"And I think that -- I am proud that so many young people are out there. We've said over and over again, the greatest worry we have about the young people is that they're apathetic. And now, they're not apathetic. They're looking at what is the poison of America, which has been racism and racial division, which has been with us for centuries, and saying, we must change it.

And they're not just doing it a day or two. They keep doing it day after day after day. The overwhelming majority peaceful.

You know, the violence has to be condemned and punished. Donald Trump is the person who wants us to think the protesters are all violent. That's why he has to fire rubber bullets at families in Lafayette Park. Donald Trump wants us to believe that every protester is a danger. When In fact, our country is a nation of protests. The patriots were protesters and created our country because of it.

So I think that I'm proud of New York. And I'm proud of the protests. And I think it is part of the tradition of New York. The violence is bad, reprehensible, should be condemned, but it is not the overwhelming picture in New York."

Schumer did not directly address the stabbing of the police officer late Wednesday night, who was in Brooklyn on looting patrol.

Schumer's comments were made just a few hours NYPD cops were attacked on the streets.

These riots have increasingly turned anti-police, yet far-left leaders appear to be on the side of the law breakers.

In fact, many radicals have called for the defunding of the police.

See their insane demands below:

As Democratic leaders continue to refuse to speak out against lawlessness, America's police are under attack.

An FBI joint terrorism task force is now investigating an attack against the NYPD during one of these so-called "protests."

The NY Post reports:

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has joined the investigation into the stabbing of an NYPD cop in Brooklyn.

The feds arrived early Thursday at the Flatbush apartment building of the man accused of stabbing the cop in the neck.

Agents could be seen at the address on East 22nd Street in an apparent search of evidence, near the scene of the violent confrontation on Church Avenue, where the melee unfolded at about 11:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force also arrived Thursday morning at the scene, while police took photos of “ACAB” graffiti — an acronym meaning “All Cops Are Bastards.”

The graffiti may be related to an anti-police demonstration that took place this past weekend in the same neighborhood, a source said.

The suspect, a 20-year-old white man with no prior criminal history, approached an officer and stabbed him in the neck, a police source said. Several cops responded to the scene and one pulled his firearm, sources said.

The officer and the suspect then struggled for the weapon, which went off striking one officer in the hand and another in the arm.

A sergeant also responded to the scene and shot the suspect, police said. The police officers were rushed to Kings County Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

The officers were listed in stable condition Thursday morning.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was in critical condition.

If the police will not protect us, then who will?

Sure, some reform is needed, but let us grow and improve the system together.

Now is not the time to tear everything down and destroy this great country!

Democrats are playing with fire by refusing to condemn the violence and encouraging unruly protesters.

It's time to follow President Trump's strong leadership and restore law and order in our nation.


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