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Project Veritas Infiltrates Antifa, Exposes Organized Recruitment and Violence Training


Radical members of Antifa are trained to gouge an eye out.


If there was ever any doubt that Antifa is a violent organization that intends to hurt and brutalize American citizens, now we have concrete evidence.

Project Veritas has infiltrated Antifa. 

During their months undercover, Project Veritas was able to take hidden video of recruitment and training sessions.

Within these sessions, Antifa members are trained to "practice things like an eye gouge."

Other acts of violence are also tought and encouraged.

While many members of the media pretend that Antifa doesn't exist, now we have concrete proof that this is an organized group.

President Trump was 100 percent correct in labeling Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

More details on this frightening new undercover video below:

The nation was stunned this week then the George Floyd protests descended into riots.

It felt as though the entire nation was wrapped in chaos from coast-to-coast.

Now, evidence suggests that the violence was orchestrated and planned.

The Blaze has more details on this alarming undercover video from Project Veritas:

A new Project Veritas video appears to show the inner workings of an Antifa operation in Portland, Oregon, where recruits are trained on how to incite violence in order to "destroy" their enemies.

In the video, an unidentified journalist who said he posed as an Antifa recruit detailed how the local outfit, Rose City Antifa, or RCA, reached out to him via ProtonMail, a free encrypted email service, to set up an interview and enroll him in a process toward becoming a "full-fledged" member.

The process included an interview and a series of secret lectures at a local bookstore before opening hours, where recruits would be taught the tactics of the trade, the undercover reporter said.

"If you ruin their day, if you like heckle them ... make them feel like they look ridiculous, make them feel outnumbered, and therefore, their whole 'yay yay America Trump' thing is gonna go by the wayside," alleged Rose City Antifa lecturer Adam Rothstein said during one secretly recorded session.

"The whole goal of this, right, is to get out there and do dangerous things as safely as possible," another lecturer identified as "Ashes" said.

Lecturer Nicholas Cifuni can be heard instructing recruits to "practice things like an eye gouge — it takes very little pressure to injure someone's eyes."

The undercover journalist noted that RCA "[does] not hesitate to either push back or incite some kind of violence," adding that "in our classes and in our meetings ... we talk about weapons detail and what we carry."

He also described RCA as "structured ... much like a company or like a business," adding that he suspects there are "outside funding, influence, or resources being used."

The video identifies RCA's founder to be Caroline Victorin, whom the undercover journalist said moved to Sweden with her dual-citizen husband. He noted that this could be evidence of a European connection.

In a statement over the weekend, Attorney General William Barr blamed far-left "Antifa-like" extremists for much of the violence that occurred across the country during protests over George Floyd's death.

This video should alarm every law abiding citizen in the country.

These thugs are preparing to unleash violence.

Left unchecked, the nationwide riots throughout the last week are just a taste of what's to come.

Fortunately, President Trump's bold and decisive leadership has taken the first step in thwarting Antifa.

Trump has declared that Antifa is a terrorist organization.

It's not just scary that Antifa is beginning to organize itself like a legitimate group... it's TERRIFYING that they are training their members to be able to carry out acts of violence.

The Hill reports that it's most likely Antifa, not white supremacists, who are causing the violence in the streets:

Violence in U.S. streets in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has highlighted the Black Lives Matter movement, but how much do you know about two other groups — neo-Nazis and the anti-fascists known as antifa — who are reported to be involved in the riots spawned by Floyd’s encounter with police?

Black Lives Matter largely began to protest violence committed against black Americans during encounters with police. Before Floyd, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Ill., Eric Garner in New York and Freddie Gray in Baltimore, among others, died from confrontations with police. The movement begun in 2013 now has 16 chapters across the U.S. and Canada — larger, perhaps, than most groups that people join. Since then, it has played a leading role in police-brutality protests but never has been accused as a group of fomenting the kind of violence, property damage and looting seen in recent days.

Quite the opposite is true, however, of those other two groups — one on the extreme right, one on the extreme left — that have turned violence and mayhem into signature tactics.

Neo-Nazis in the United States are a more formal “group,” because one often can join an individual club. Formed worldwide in the aftermath of World War II, they have roots in white hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. Although the KKK still exists, other neo-Nazi groups such as the National Socialist Movement, the Aryan Brotherhood and the Hammerskins are more numerous and active today. The groups don’t work with each other, but they are not necessarily rivals. Before the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing in 1995, a number of state and local “militia groups” had elements of neo-Nazi philosophy, including their perceived superiority of white people and the need to rid the U.S. of minorities.

After Oklahoma City, many militia groups largely faded into the background because their members decided they were opposed to the mass killing of innocents. Many neo-Nazi organizations that remained have structure, membership lists and hierarchies. They plan events and telegraph marches and rallies, often hoping to incite violence with counter-protesters and law enforcement by spewing hate-filled rhetoric and challenging the terms of what otherwise would be lawful First Amendment activities.

Much of the violence we have witnessed over the past few days likely can be attributed to antifa. The name and their anti-fascist claim are newer than their ideology and violence. Antifa members are anarchists with a bent for socialism. Many may not know what they want so much as what they don’t want, such as the status quo, capitalism and private corporations. Their roots reach back to the 1970s when groups such as the Weather Underground and Black Panther Party rained down violence across the country.

More recent anarchist activities by demonstrators who would come to be called antifa include the destruction of parts of Seattle while protesting the World Trade Organization’s meeting in 1999, the Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front (ALF/ELF) crimes during the 1990s and 2000s, and the Occupy Wall Street movements of 2011 to 2012.

Because formal initiation into groups like Antifa doesn't exist, it can be difficult for the govermnent to be able to track down its movements.

According to Project Veritas, Antifa uses encrypted and secured email services to secretly communicate amongst themselves without any tracking.

On Hannity's radio show, Veritas's James O'Keefe appeared to suggest that former FBI or intelligence people could've helped set-up Antifa. 

He said that the "level of sophistication" is something that most people would have never expected.

Fortunately, President Trump and the Department of Justice are aware of Antifa and are doing what's necessary to restore law and order!

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