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Michigan Nursing Home on Lockdown After Videos of Patient Beatings Go Viral


A Michigan nursing home is under lockdown after videos of a man attacking elderly patients went viral on Twitter.

Social media users called the police after the videos went viral, resulting in the arrest of 20-year-old Jaydon Hayden in Detroit.

Hayden is reported to be from Westland Michigan.

There are at least three different videos circulating on social media showing Hayden beating seniors in their beds until they are bleeding.

All of the victims are white.

On a YouTube channel that appears to belong to Hayden, there is a video where he says that "Black people are supposed to rule the earth."

Can you imagine if the opposite story had happened?

If this were a young white male (let alone a Trump supporter) beating black patients, this would receive wall-to-wall media coverage.

Yet the story received hardly any coverage until President Trump responded to it on Twitter.

Multiple people suspect that the abuse may have been discovered sooner if it weren't for Governor Whitmer's harsh lockdown measures.

The first woman who noticed and reported the video suggested that Whitmer's orders may have actually prevented the abuse from being discovered.

The Independent has more details on the gruesome videos and the subsequent arrest:

Police said a nursing home under strict Michigan coronavirus lockdown measures was unaware of an attack on an elderly patient until a viral video surfaced on Twitter, which prompted a response from Donald Trump.

"Is this even possible to believe? Can this be real?" the president wrote. "Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?"

The woman who first noticed the video and alerted police said that if the Detroit nursing home had been receiving visitors, action might have been taken sooner.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has implemented some of the US's strictest coronavirus lockdown measures, which forbid elderly nursing home patients from having family visit.

"It absolutely shattered my heart. It just broke my heart how anyone could be capable of this kind of brutality," Joann Uhler, told Detroit's FOX 2, which reported the video was taken on 15 May.

"Honestly I think if they were receiving visitors this would have been addressed a lot quicker than something like this having to evolve on Twitter."

Detroit police Chief James Craig said the nursing home was unaware of the attack until seeing the video, which currently has almost three million views on Twitter.

"What our investigation has revealed so far was the nursing home was unaware of an assault until they saw the video," Mr Craig said.

"We're still investigating that aspect of the case, but there is a suspect in custody."

Fortunately, social media users did the right thing by alerting the authorities, leading to Hayden's arrest.

Below are videos from a YouTube video that is reported to belong to Hayden.

The man in the videos, who is believed to be the suspect, says, "The black race is the chosen race, the black race was supposed to rule the earth, but now…they have to go to the white man for everything and that’s not good."

It is also being reported that the victim in the video is an army veteran.

Local Michigan Live news channel confirms the attack and has more on the statements from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:

A disturbing video posted to social media has led to the arrest of a 20-year-old man in Detroit.

The video, posted by Fox 2 in Detroit on Thursday, shows the 20-year-old patient relentlessly punching a helpless elderly patient inside the Westwood Nursing Center on Detroit’s west side.

Detroit police arrested the subject seen the video while the elderly man was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Fox 2 reported. Police believe the video was taken on May 15 while the nursing home was locked down due COVID-19.

“Like other viewers, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services was deeply disturbed by a video that was widely shared on social media showing a man beating an elderly man who was in his bed at a nursing facility,” a statement from the department reads.

Why won't the media cover or touch this story?

Is it because it goes against their race-baiting narrative?

This is a tragic story that is worthy of attention and justice, yet the media are ignoring it as though nothing happened.

Especially in the era of COVID-19 where all eyes should be on nursing homes, this story is undoubtedly relevant today.

In fact, multiple people have suggested that Whitmer's COVID-19 policies could have prolonged the abuse and prevented it from being discovered.

It's time to ensure that our nursing home residents -- especially our veterans -- get the proper care and respect that they deserve!


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