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Candace Owens Stopped by Police in Whole Foods for Not Wearing a Face Mask


Has the nanny police state gone too far?

Conservative commentator Candace Owens revealed that she was stopped by police in Whole Foods for not wearing a face mask.

The police ordered her to put a face mask on.

Owens said that she and her husband were unaware that just a few days ago, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser mandated that customers must “wear a mask or mouth covering.”

When posting her story on social media, Owens reiterated her support and backing of law enforcement. Owens is a strong supporter of the police and has openly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, Owens also warns the Democrat politicians are using the virus as an excuse to exercise more authority and claim more power.

More details on Owens’ story, including the video she posted to Twitter, below:

Candace Owens stressed that she supports the police and that she is not blaming them.

Rather, she made clear that they are simply obeying the orders set forth by D.C. Mayor Bowser, which Owens claims is spiraling towards "tyranny."

Indeed, many Democrats across the nation have used COVID-19 to exercise unusual power grabs.

The Governor in Michigan, for example, banned the sale of fruid and vegetable seeds as "not essential."

This means that residents in Michigan will be unable to grow their own food or gardens.

The Daily Mail has more details on Owens' experience at Whole Foods:

Furious Republican activist Candace Owens has said that coronavirus measures are 'spiralling into tyranny' after she was stopped by police in Whole Foods for not wearing a mask.

Owens took to Twitter on Tuesday to recount how she had been out shopping with her husband unaware of Mayor Muriel Bowser's April 8 mandate requiring customers to 'wear a mask or mouth covering.'

The 30-year-old, who made a point of declaring her backing for the police, said she could tell that the officer 'disagreed with (the policy) personally' because of how frustrated she was becoming with customers complaining about shopping carts and surfaces not being wiped down.

But despite this, the officer told Owens and her British husband George Farmer, 'You guys have to wear your masks.'

Owens recounted: 'I said "I don't have a mask. I haven't bought one.'" I didn't race to buy toilet paper, I'm not a part of the corona crazies. I'm not a part of the tin foil hat, bunkering in my basement. I'm just living my life.'

The conservative activist claims she and her husband then had to partake in an absurd charade of holding their clothing up to their faces while having to pick up items in the store.

Owens added: 'We must've been in the store for like, four minutes picking some stuff, and the police officer chases me down and she says that she's getting complaints that I don't have a mask on.'

Following this anecdote, Owens forges on with her diatribe against the draconian coronavirus measures imposed in Washington DC and elsewhere, claiming at one point there is 'no empirical evidence to support the wearing of masks.'

In addition to 68 deaths, the nation's capital has more than 2,000 cases of coronavirus.

Many Constitutional conservatives are warning that politicians and leaders are overstepping their boundaries.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly serious, there are some signs that it might not be as bad as we thought.

For example, if more people have the virus than believed and are asymptomic, then that will lower the mortality rate.

Many optimistic observers say that young, healthy people should be allowed to go back to work to begin the process of re-opening the economy and those at risk should continue sheltering at home.

Candace Owens, a staunch Trump supporter, has been a long-time voice in conservative politics online.

Will her experience at Whole Foods shape her potential political future?

Owens is a champion of smaller government and protecting the rights of people and their liberty.

Fox News reported that Owens announced that she is considering a run for office:

Conservative activist and commentator Candace Owens said Thursday she has decided to seek public office, though she's mum on when she’ll be running and against who.

Owens, the former communications director at Turning Point USA, told Fox News that while she has been approached numerous times in the past to launch a political campaign, she made the decision on Wednesday evening after a conversation with her husband.

“We’ve come to a junction where it’s not enough just to comment on politics but to get involved in it,” Owens said.

She also tweeted Thursday: "Never had any desire to [run for office] previously, but something changed in me last night."

She said that, at the moment, she is “keeping things under wraps” as to what she will running for and in what election cycle, but noted that she is eyeing either a seat in the U.S. Senate or a governor’s mansion. Owens added that she will only run against an incumbent Democrat, not any Republicans.

“They’re all vulnerable,” she said of Democrats. “And right now is a perfect storm to see how people are leading."

Owens is right.

Now is not the time for any politician to push for partisan politics.

Every leader should be uniting to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, yet many Democrats seem intent on undermining President Trump.

Below are just a few examples of how Democrats are using the coronavirus crisis to seize power.


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