Alyssa Milano Show Gets Canceled After Only Two Seasons


Oh no…

Another show no one watched… canceled. 

Netflix has canceled Alyssa Milano’s show Insatiable after only two seasons. Ouch!

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Milano took to Twitter to confirm the news herself. Check it out below:

Breitbart has more details:

Insatiable won’t be returning for a third season after the streamer decided to end the dark comedy series. The show starred Debby Ryan as a formerly fat high school student seeking revenge on her classmates who bullied her. Milano co-starred as the vain wife of the attorney who takes an interest in the heroine.

The news of the cancellation was published Friday in Hollywood trade publications including Variety and Deadline. But Milano hinted earlier this month in a tweet that Insatiable had been axed.

“We will not be coming back, sadly,” Milano tweeted on February 4. Insatiable was produced by CBS TV Studios for Netflix.

Unfortunately, this probably means that Milano will have more time to devote to her left-leaning political causes. 

She quickly became one of the Hollywood faces for the #MeToo movement.

Milano was also an agitator in the hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Most recently, Milano accused the GOP of choosing "the bad guy" (Trump) over the health of the nation.

See her tweet from just last month:

Note to Alyssa: Insulting half the nation doesn't help your ratings. Neither does railing against a president who is fighting for the good of the country!

A secondary note to Alyssa... be careful what you wish for.

It may just come true.

In this case it did.

Remember the controversy over Georgia's abortion bill?

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Various Hollywood productions were threatening to pull out of the state if Georgia passed the abortion law.

Turns out... Alyssa Milano actually threatened to leave the Netflix show to protest the Georgia abortion law.

Well... sorry, Alyssa. Netflix had the final say.

A flashback of her interview below:

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