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Some People Believe President Trump Just Confirmed He’s Q In a MAGA Rally Speech


Ok folks, buckle up and stick with me on this one!

Do you know what “Q” is?

Or rather, “Who” Q is?

If you’ve been a Trump supporter for a while, you have probably heard about “Q”.

A lot of people have heard it but don’t have any idea what it means.  

If you need a little primer, the absolutely best authority on the topic is NeonRevolt.  

Neon has a HUGE primer on Q that you can read here

It’s really good.  

Vox also did a big story on Q, and while it has a negative spin against Trump supporters, it does give you some good background on Q which you can read here.

Ok, moving forward from here, I'm going to assume everyone has a basic understanding of Q, QAnon and Q+. 

Q+ is said to be POTUS himself, while QAnon and Q are widely believed to be a group of people with extremely high military clearance and close access to the President.

Oh and they're the "good guys" no doubt about that.  

Since a lot of people poo-poo the idea of Q and say it's just nonsensical and designed to pacify Trump supporters into thinking there's this force for good working behind the scenes when in fact there is no one, a hot topic is when Q tries to prove his connection to the President.  

It has happened many, many times before, and I'll cover some of those below.  

But what happened recently comes from a part of President Trump's recent MAGA rally where he went on a little tangent about when he would "hang it up" from being President.

He inititially says "in 5 years" and then he takes this bizarre turn. 

He then says "or maybe 9 years or 13 years.....or maybe 17 years!"

It's odd and doesn't seem to fit.

It's one thing to say 9.  

He's said that before. 

He's said that he should be given an extra term after the Mueller Hoax destroyed his first one.  

And he might be right about that.

49) { ?>

And maybe he's excited in the moment to go out to 13.

But to continue on to 17? 

It makes no sense.

Unless you realize what a lot of Q-believers have realized.

9, 13 and 17 represent the letters I, M and Q in the alphabet.

In other words....."I'm Q" the President may be saying!

Watch it yourself right here (the clip should start up at the 7:15 mark but if it doesn't jump to there for the key part):

Ok folks, judge for yourself!

We report, you decide!

There have been a lot of other "Q Proofs" that you can research for yourself, but I think my favorite was the one about "Tippy Top".

9) { ?>

So on the Q message boards (where Q communicates), a poster asked Q to have President Trump say "Tippy Top" in a speech in order to confirm he was Q.

Kind of an odd request, right?

Not something I say on a daily basis.

Or ever, for that matter.

So the request was made and then this happened....

In an Easter day speech at the White House, President Trump suddenly veers off course and makes some very strange remarks that guessed it.....tippy-top:

"Also, I want to thank the White House Historical Association and all of the people that work so hard with Melania, with everybody, to keep this incredible house or building or whatever you want to call it—because there really is no name for it; it is special—and we keep it in tiptop shape. We call it sometimes tippy-top shape. And it's a great, great place."

He even double-clutches for emphasis...."We call it sometimes tippy-top shape."

I mean, how much more obvious can you be?  

Watch it here:

Of course people still doubt it and say it's just hopium from the Trumpsters, but many (yours truly included) find it fascinating.  

And this is just one example. has many, many more.  

Dozens of confirmations if you're interested in reading more.

Ok folks, that's it for this one.  

Hope you enjoyed it!


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