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OPINION: Why I Believe President Trump Is Delaying The Deep State Takedown


Ok folks, this is going to be a littler different than what we normally do here.

We normally cover the news.

And this relates to the news, but it’s strictly my opinion.  

So many people have been asking me “why is President Trump waiting so long?”

Why hasn’t the I.G. report been released yet?

Why hasn’t anyone big been arrested?

What is going on?

Why the delay?

He’s waiting too long!  

He’s going to blow it.  

Sound familiar?

Have you wondered any of those things yourself?

Well, I've given my opinion to family and friends who ask, but I've been meaning to write a piece about it here for everyone else who always asks me.

So here it is.

Here's what I think is going on.

I think there absolutely has been a massive battle going on with the Deep State.  

Some of it we've seen, some of it we haven't.

We've seen the Deep State's attacks on Trump with the Mueller Investigation (hoax), the Russian Hoax, now the Ukraine Hoax, the so-called "Whistleblower" Hoax.....need me to go on?

You get the idea.

We've also seen the Deep State go after many Trump associates (see Roger Stone, Manafort, Michael Flynn Sr., etc.).

Some charges may be legitimate but I suspect many were not.

And then we've seen Trump fight back in many regards.  

We've seen him withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, withdraw from TPP, cut off all funding to the U.N., and many more.

In other words, big punches have been landed on both sides.

So to say nothing has been happening is not accurate.

In fact, I believe both sides are pretty much down to their last card to play.  

Everything the Deep State has tried has failed (Mueller, Russia, Ukraine, etc.).

As the Democrats themselves admit:  "If we don't impeach him, he'll win again in 2020!"

And it's looking like impeachment is a huge fail.

So I believe that the only play they have left is to crash the stock market.

To crash the economy.

And make no mistake, they could do it very easily.  

We've been sitting dangerously on the precipice for a long time now.

For those in the know, the yield curve has accurately predicted all 9 of the last 9 recessions.  

When the yield curve inverts, a recession always follows in the next 6 to 18 months. 

And starting in May, the yield curve inverted for a long time.

It recently de-inverted, but the damage was done.

Beyond that you have a stock market at all time highs and while that's exciting that can be a dangerous place to be.

Remember the famous Warren Buffett quote, "be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."

In other words, Buffett would say the time to buy was in 2009 and the time to sell is probably now.

And that's actually what he did.  

You may recall Buffett bought up almost everything he could in 2009, including railroads and bailing out banks like Goldman Sachs.

And reports now say he's sitting on the largest cash hoard he's ever had (over $100 billion!).  

In cash.  

Because he doesn't want to be buying anything right now.

I'm getting a little off track, but the point is the market is in a very dangerous spot.  

And the Deep State could send it plunging VERY easily.

I believe that's what they'll try to do.

Because history teaches us the only thing that can typically unseat a popular President from a second term is a bad economy.

People are making and keeping more money under Trump, thanks to tax cuts and all his pro-business moves, so if they vote with their pocketbooks right now I'd say we're talking Trump in a landslide in 2020.

Unless they tank the market.

Unless you start getting your 401K statements and it's suddenly a 201K.  (joke, but you get the idea).  

Unless you got fired because the economy is suddenly in the shitter.  

Get the idea?

I think that's their last card to play and I think they're waiting to play it until 2020.  

Make it fresh.  

And that's why I think Trump is delaying.

I think he has all the evidence on them that he needs.

I've said this for a long time now, but watching him he does not look to me like someone who is worried about anything.

His body language and what he says.....he looks like someone who is supremely confident!

And I think the only way he could look like that was if he already HAD IT ALL.

So if he has it all why is he delaying?

Because I think he knows that the Deep State still has one big card hanging over his head.

The "tank the economy" card.

And he knows that they only way to change the narrative after they do that is to roll out the high profile arrests.  

Let me ask you this, if the market takes a giant crap and you lose tens of thousands in your retirement account, BUT you suddenly see Barrack Hussein Obama doing a perp walk because he's been ARRESTED for treason.....are you voting Trump in 2020?

Damn right you are.

It's the Art of the Deal.

And no one plays it better than the man who literally wrote the book on it.


So there you go.

I think Trump knows whoever plays their final "Trump card" last, wins.

They change the narrative and recover the momentum.

He knows it and I think the Deep State actually knows it too.

The only difference is, President Trump can afford to wait.

They can't.

If he waits to play his card and they never play theirs, he sails into re-election on a wildly bullish economy.

So the Deep State is cornered.

They can't allow themselves to not play their card.

So watch for it to happen.  

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Sometime before the election, watch for the economy to tank.

And if it does, as the Bible says "look up for your redemption draweth nigh".....because I believe that will be the final sign Trump was waiting on before he rolls out the arrests.  

Ok folks, as I said, this is my opinion only but I wanted to share it with you!

I'd love to hear what you think about it!

Let me know.  

Email me at noah (at)  


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