Brand New U.S. Citizen Manny Says He's Voting For Donald J. Trump: "I Love You Big Guy!"

Brand New U.S. Citizen Manny Says He’s Voting For Donald J. Trump: “I Love You Big Guy!”

This is the best 25 seconds you’ll watch all day, I guarantee it!

In the interview he confirms he’s a new immigrant to the United States and 2020 will be his first election to vote in.

When the interviewer asks him who he’s voting for he says:

“Donald J. Trump….I love you big guy!”

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How awesome is that?

And then to cap it off she asks him his reason and he hits it out of the park.  

He says it all comes down to immigration.  

He did it the right way and he wants others to do the same.

Right on to that Manny, you nailed it!


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The responses online have been overwhelming in support of Manny!

Take a look at just a few:


Just another "racist", right Lefties?

Oops....I guess that argument won't work here!  

No, let me educate you all.  

It's called doing it the right way.

It's called National security.

It's called National sovereignty.

It's called standing in line.  

Manny gets it.

Why don't the Democrats in CONgress?

Proudly Support Trump!

The exact same hat our President wears!

Only while they last....

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