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San Francisco Woman Livid After Democrat Judge Frees Homeless Assailant


San Francisco is a complete and total liberal hellhole, where homeless run amok and the streets are filled with poo.

But, the city’s Democrat-run government has other problems on its mind, like making sure convicted felons are not offended by being called “convicted felons.”

It’s a sad truth.

Instead of cleaning up the streets and dealing with the homelessness problem, the liberals governing San Francisco are busy with petty things, keeping themselves in power, and couldn’t care less about their citizens.

In fact, in the case of Paneez Kosarian, a Democrat judge released the homeless maniac that attacked her out of nowhere outside her condo in mid-August back to the streets.

Following learning of her assailant’s release, Kosarian expressed her outrage on Twitter along with a video captured by surveillance footage of the attack against her:

Austin James Vincent, who was arrested as the suspected assailant, appears to either be on drugs, have mental issues, or both.

According to Kosaria, Vincent has told her that he wanted to save her life and that he would kill the lady at the front desk of her condo to gain her trust. He also mentioned something about being the sole last human in the world dominated by robots.

Here's his mugshot:


Local Bay Area news source KRON4 has more details about the attack:

Terrifying video shows a woman being violently attacked by a homeless man outside a luxury condominium complex in San Francisco.

Paneez Kosarian was trying to get into her apartment building when she was assaulted by a man who was trying to keep her from going inside without him. 

According to police, the incident happened at around 1:40 a.m. Sunday at the Watermark, located near Beale and Bryant Streets just off the Embarcadero. 

Security footage shows the assailant blocking the doors to the building’s lobby, where there is a woman at the front desk who immediately gets on the phone to apparently call police. 

The attacker then grabs the woman as she is seen gripping on to the doors, yelling for help. 

“At first, he was trying to tell me that he was trying to save my life,”  Kosarian explains.

Kosarian said the man told her that everyone he sees are robots and he’s the only human remaining on earth. 

“He asked me to open the door so he could go and kill our concierge or front desk lady and earn my trust,” she said. 

Kosarian was able to squeeze into the lobby with the help of the woman at the front desk, but the two struggle to close the door on the assailant. 

The two women were able to secure the door as the attacker is seen staring into the building before walking away. 

Officers later detained the man, identified as 25-year-old Austin James Vincent, about one block away at Bryant and Embarcadero.

CBS San Francisco gave more details following the accused assailant's release:

The victim of an early Sunday morning assault outside the lobby of her building in San Francisco was shocked and angry to learn Wednesday morning her attacker had been released from custody.

The suspect, identified by police as 25-year-old Austin James Vincent, was taken into custody near the Embarcadero around 2 a.m. Sunday after assaulting San Francisco resident Paneez Kosarian outside the lobby of her condo building known as the Watermark. The building is located near Beale and Bryant Streets.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s office charged Vincent on Tuesday with two felony counts of false imprisonment and attempted robbery and two misdemeanor counts of battery. Vincent entered not guilty pleas on all charges and, despite concerns expressed by prosecutors, the court released him Wednesday morning without electronic monitoring.

Kosarian said she received a call Wednesday morning from the San Francisco District Attorney’s office telling her the suspect in her attack had been released from custody.


“I mean, I’m shocked. I’m scared. Terrified,” Kosarian told KPIX. “I don’t understand what more it takes for the city and the judge to understand that this man is a danger to our society, our community, other residents.”

Vincent was given an order to stay-away from Kosarian’s building.

“100 feet away from my house,” said Kosarian. “So pretty much I am a prisoner in my own house. I’m terrified of leaving my own house while this man roams our streets freely.”

The San Francisco District Attorney’s office issued a statement, saying “The court released the defendant over our objection and contrary to the release recommendation of the public safety assessment tool on assertive case management.”

“I’m surprised that he was released on his own recognizance with very few limitations,” said Nancy Tung, a former San Francisco prosecutor who is now running for district attorney. She also questioned why Vincent, who has no known address, was released without any kind of electronic monitoring.

“It appears that there is some risk to public safety and a risk the guy won’t return to court,” explained Tung.


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