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Joe Biden Calls For Banning Magazines That Hold “Multiple Bullets”


The left are finally getting transparent that they are coming for your guns.

Beto O’Rourke wants you to sell your “assault weapons” to the government and promises to make this mandatory if he becomes president.

Joe Biden wants to take things father and ban magazines that hold “multiple bullets.” 

So, basically, he wants to ban all magazines.

Biden’s call for the ban would effectively eliminate the function of handguns and is one of the most extreme propositions for gun control made by the Democrat presidential hopefuls vying for 2020.

Watch Biden advocate for the ban of magazines here in this video for yourself:

Here's more on Biden's call to ban magazines capable of holding "multiple bullets" via The Washington Examiner:

Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Trump during a stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for not pushing for stronger gun control legislation, such as banning "assault type weapons" and magazines that can hold more than one bullet.


Biden made his comments after the mass shooting spree in Odessa and Midland, Texas, where seven people were killed and over 19 were wounded. The day after the shooting, new gun laws that loosened some restrictions went into effect in Texas.


"And we're talking about loosening access, to have guns, to be able to take them into places of warship, I mean, it is absolutely irrational. It's totally irrational. And it's all about special interests and it has to stop. It has to stop," Biden said.


"The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them, it's absolutely mindless," he continued, saying such a ban would not violate the Second Amendment.

Mediaite also said:

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden hardened his calls for gun control on Monday by suggesting a ban on all firearms with magazines capable of holding “multiple bullets.”

The leading Democratic 2020 candidate made the comment while speaking to reporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a Labor Day campaign stop, during which he excoriated the president for not having the stomach to address rising levels of mass gun violence in America.

“It’s about time the president got out of this state of denial on two critical things and they both came ahead this weekend,” Biden said while discussing the relation between climate change and Hurricane Dorian, as well as Saturday’s shooting in Texas that resulted in the deaths of 7 people.

“On dealing with firearms, it is irrational with — all due respect for the governor of Texas — on the very day you see a mass shooting and we’re talking about loosening access to have guns being able to take them places of worship, store it in school, and it’s absolutely irrational. It’s all about special interests and it has to stop,” he added.

The former vice president was referencing a number of new firearm laws in Texas that went into effect on Sunday aimed at easing restrictions on carrying in places of worship and storing guns inside vehicles parked at schools.

“The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them,” Biden said — a policy change that would bar a sizable percentage of commercially available firearms from the U.S. market, “it’s absolutely mindless. It’s no violation of the Second Amendment. It’s just a bow of special interests of the gun manufactures and the NRA.”

Joe Biden is still the Democrat forerunner for 2020, but even if he doesn't end up winning the nomination, all of his fellow leftists running for Democrat presidential candidate want to take your guns away.

As Robby Starbuck pointed out, this is why we need to VOTE and get Trump re-elected in 2020!



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