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Sen. Rick Scott: Banning “Assault Weapons” Is A “Non-Starter”


Republican Senator of Florida Rick Scott has spoken out against the assault weapons ban being toyed with and advocated for by Democrats like Beto O’Rourke.

Following the Texas mass drive-by shootings on Saturday, Scott spoke out about the real cause of the spike of violence in America.

He essentially told interviewers that it is the people, not the guns that are pulling the trigger in mass shootings,

“We’ve got to figure out how we get guns away from mentally ill people who want to harm others or themselves.”

When asked, 

“An assault weapons ban is a nonstarter in this Congress?”

Scott replied,

“No, I’m focused on the people that have problems.”


While Scott does have a point, he also is advocating for red flag laws, which are problematic for multiple reasons.

As we've seen, Oregon's new red flag law is already being used to take away guns from veterans who speak out against Antifa.

This is why red flag laws are not the answer, but I digress.

You can watch what Sen. Rick Scott had to say here and judge for yourself what you think of his ideas:

The Washington Examiner has more to say on this:

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott on Sunday insisted that he's focused on addressing mental illness to combat the rise in gun violence in the United States rather than push for an assault weapons ban like many of his Democratic counterparts.


"Why don't we look at the people that have the problems and look at taking all their weapons away from them?" Scott asked on CNN's State of the Union.


Scott was asked why "weapons of war" should still be available for purchase in the country. When he responded that mental illness was his primary focus instead of an assault weapons ban, CNN's Dana Bash interjected, asking, "Why not do both?"

"I want to do the things I think work," Scott answered. "I think the red flag laws work. I think in a school situation, we put in mental health counselors and law enforcement. After the Pulse [shooting], I added more counterterrorism experts, so what I've done is say what actually would solve that problem, and that's how I think we should all do it in Congress."

The Washington Times also said:

Sen. Rick Scott rejected Sunday the concept of buying back firearms from gun owners, a proposal gaining support among Democrats this year after mass shootings.


“I believe in the Second Amendment. I don’t want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. I want to focus on the people that have mental illness. That’s my focus,” the Florida Republican said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


Asked if he thought there were “too many guns,” Mr. Scott said, “There’s too many people that have mental illnesses that we’re somehow not addressing, and they have access to weapons, and they shouldn’t.”


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