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Kamala Harris Video Goes Horribly Wrong, Mocked For Fake Setup and Inauthenticity


Other than the lying, cheating, stealing, I think the number one thing people hate most about politicians is how FAKE they are.

It’s all staged.

Their reactions, their platforms, all fake….all designed to just blow in whatever direction they think the wind is blowing.

But we see through it.

We see how fake they are.

We’ve just never seen someone who is REAL until Donald J. Trump came on the scene, and among the MANY reasons I love Trump is that he is real and not a phony!

I love the word “phony” and I love using it to describe these politicians in an homage to one of my favorite books The Catcher In The Rye.  

But I disgress.

Back to the topic at hand – phony poilticians. 

Top of that list has to be Hillary Clinton (or “Hillrod” as she once called herself) but after what I just saw from Kamala Harris, Hillary might be dethroned soon.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about this super phony, super staged video that Harris posted where she pretends to be shocked over a room full of people waiting for her.  

And by “room full” I mean like 20 people, take a look:


Ok, where do I even start in breaking this down?

How about this....if you're anything like me and the guy who posted this reply tweet, the first thing that went through your mind was this clip from the King and Queen of phony, Bill and Hillary:


Be honest, how many people thought of that exact clip?

It's like Harris is channeling Hillary's exact expression.




Dan Bongino Exposes Obama, Mueller and Comey: “The Biggest Scam In American History”

Other responses were equally good:






And last, my personal favorite:


Mic drop.

End of conversation.

Back to the shallow end, Harris, the grown ups will take it from here!

If I were Harris and my opponent (Trump) was packing stadiums, I would be embarassed out of my mind to post a video where I'm (fake) surprised and happy to find a room of 20 people waiting for me.  

If you're not embarassed, you should be Kammie!  

Goodnight now!

Support the man, Trump himself:

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