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EXPOSÈ: After Bombshell Report On Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal, CNN Tries To Run Cover Story?


Ok folks, buckle up because this is a wild one.

And a lot of details to take in.

In 2018, a story broke that Hillary Clinton’s emails may have been hacked or intercepted by China.  Or by a Chinese company or actor.  

Today we found out more.  A LOT more.  

After an investigation into the matter, a report was published today by the Majority Staff, Finance Committee Majority Staff, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

And it was a bombshell. 

The report and supporting documentation is big, and you can read the whole thing without any redaction from Sen. Grassley’s own website here.

There are two main bombshell revelations:

1) All but 4 of the missing 30,000 Hillary Clinton emails were auto-forwarded to a Gmail account!

2) The FBI and specifically Peter Strzok were told about it and did nothing!

Are you getting this folks?

Not only was she running an unauthorized personal server, but on top of that she auto-forwarded all but 4 of the 30,000 emails to a Gmail account!

Who/what controleld that Gmail account is still unclear.


The Epoch Times did a great job summarizing the details:

All but four of the 30,490 emails from Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server were forwarded to a private Google email address featuring a name similar to a Chinese company, according to documents released by a Senate committee on Aug. 15.

Virtually every email that was sent to and from the Clinton-email server was forwarded to “[email protected],” which raised concerns that a foreign actor gained access to Clinton’s emails after an intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) investigator searched Google for “Carter Heavy Industries” and came up with a result for Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, according to the documents (pdf).

Shandong Carter Heavy Industry is a Chinese manufacturer of excavators and heavy machinery. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

Frank Rucker, the ICIG investigator, and Jeanette McMillian, an ICIG attorney, told the FBI about the anomaly on Feb. 18, 2016, at a meeting which included Peter Strzok, who had just taken over as the section chief heading the investigation. Rucker told Congress that Strzok was “aloof and dismissive” and didn’t ask many questions.

Strzok has since gained notoriety for text messages he exchanged with FBI attorney Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair. The pair expressed bias against then-candidate Donald Trump and in favor of Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

McMillian told Congress that her understanding of the Carter Heavy Industries email address was that it was a “drop box” to which the emails from the Clinton server were sent in real time.

“Even if you didn’t address an email to this address, the email went to it anyway,” McMillian said.

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Rucker told Congress that it appeared that the Carter Heavy Industries email address was inserted into Clinton’s server “based on his reading of the metadata.” Rucker was also concerned because he reviewed an email in which Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, discuss how Weiner’s account was possibly hacked by a political opponent who ended up receiving copies of all of his emails.

The investigator told Congress that it appears that the Carter Heavy Industries email was inserted into the routing table of Clinton’s server, but that he could only be sure if he examined the server, which he did not have access to. There could be an alternative explanation as to why the email address was in virtually every message, Rucker said.

So let me just translate this for you.  

You know all the talk about whether or not Hillary's emails were "hacked"?

They didn't have to be hacked folks, she auto-forwarded them herself!  

THAT is the major story here that anyone who doesn't have a motive to cover up for Hillary Clinton should be running!

Anyone with any shred of journalistic integrity and a true reporter's spirit.

So that brings me to CNN.

You know what headline they ran?

Senate investigators find no evidence China hacked Clinton server

Here's the screenshot in case they take it down or change the title:


Folks, that is SUCH a dishonest headline it makes me sick.

Sure, it's technically true....the Senate Report did not conclude that China hacked the Clinton server....

That's the whole point, they didn't have to!  She auto-forwarded all the emails herself!

Now, did the auto-forward go to China?

That part we do not know.  

Who controlled that email account?

Who had access to it?

Do you think maybe China could have hacked a Gmail account?  Not saying they did, but do you think that might be a little easier than hacking a government server?

But again, maybe they didn't have to hack it because WE DON'T KNOW who had access to that Gmail account.

From the CNN article:

"Neither the committees nor the FBI were able to confirm whether an intrusion into the server occurred," Grassley and Johnson said in a news release Wednesday.

So dishonest.

No intrusion is NECESSARY when you auto-forward everything out yourself!

As to the second bombshell, the FBI and specifically anti-Trumper Peter Strzok was told about the issue and did nothing.

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From the Daily Caller:

But when Rucker brought the findings to Peter Strzok, the anti-Trump agent who was in charge of the Clinton case for the FBI, he seemed uninterested and did not ask any followup questions, Rucker told Senate investigators.

Wow, folks.  

This whole thing STINKS and I believe we will all know the truth very soon.

And by the way, you won't read that truth on CNN.



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