OOPS! Chris Cuomo Says “Fredo” Is An Ethnic Slur, Forgets CNN Has Used It Plenty!



Talk about your bad days for Chris Cuomo.

And CNN.

First, Cuomo had an epic meltdown that was all captured on video, which will forever leave him branded as “Fredo”.

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Even the President called him Fredo afterwards on Twitter!

Details:  Chris Cuomo Has Officially Issued An Apology

Then it went from bad to worse for CNN as news broke Don Lemon was being sued for a really gross sexual assult:

Don Lemon SUED For Disgusting Sexual Assault!

This…..is CNN!

And now, a new video has just surfaced.

After Cuomo made a huge stink about “Fredo” being an ethnic slur, this video then surfaced where CNN employees, anchors and guests repeatedly use the word on air.


Take a look:

I guess Cuomo didn't expect us to remember all of those times, huh?

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Don't worry, we did!

So this is pretty good....my only question is, is it better than when President Trump got CNN to say "shithole" all night long?

That's still my favorite I think.

Top 5 all time videos for sure:

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