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President Trump Risking 2020 Over Continued Push For Red Flag Laws?


I am sorry to have to be reporting on this, but things are not looking good from the Trump camp when it comes to Red Flag laws.

Just yesterday we wrote this Open Letter to President Trump:

Open Letter To President Trump: We DO NOT Want Red Flag Laws!

In that letter, we stated very clearly that we DO NOT want Red Flag laws. 

I wonder if the President has indeed read that letter, because he appeared very testy in this response with reporters:

Look, we can all agree that we don't want "crazy people" to have guns.

The problem is how you get there.

And how you could possibly try to legislate that without it becoming a huge backdoor for Democrats to use against conservatives to disarm regular people!

If you don't think that law will get abused right and left then YOU are the crazy person!

You know how your Facebook posts get "flagged" just because you post something that has conservative values in it?

Now imagine you lose your guns over it.  


You post something online and the thought police don't like it.  You get "flagged".  Repeatedly.  You get flagged as being "homophobic" or "racist" or "sexist".  Yeah, it's not like we haven't heard those terms bandied about recently.  The Left uses them like candy!  

So image you get 20 "red flags" from liberals and then the new law says "this guy must be unstable" and the police arrive to take your guns.

Think it's far fetched?

It's not.

Careful DONALD J. are putting your re-election on the line with this one.  

We support you, but you need to hear us loud and clear on this!

This one issue could lose the election.  


If you agree, please add your support below. 

Help us get to 100,000 in support so we can send President Trump a CLEAR message: SAY NO TO RED FLAG LAW!




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