Open Letter To President Trump: We DO NOT Want Red Flag Laws!

As you might guess from a site called WeLoveTrump, we are HUGE fans of President Donald J. Trump.

Have been since that famous escalator ride in June of 2015.

Actually, much earlier than that if I’m being honest.

I was a fan of Trump for his real estate work long before he announced his run for President.

But he’s not perfect, and when he does something that the patriots are VEHEMENTLY against, we have to let him know.

President Trump, we have your back in a big way, but do NOT give any ground on gun control, especially the horrible Red Flag laws.  

Speaking of big Trump fans, Butch Robinson on Facebook has also been a strong supporter, so when I see a post like this, I know it’s time to write an Open Letter to President Trump and let him know the “Deplorables” will not stand by and accept Red Flag laws:

Red Flag will cost Trump the election if he persists. Liberty lost to the Dems or a Red Flagged Orange Man is identical.

Posted by Butch Robinson on Thursday, August 8, 2019

I'm pretty sure President Trump reads this site or at a minimum has people who relay it to him when there's something important he needs to see.

This is one of those articles.

Please, Mr. President, you need to back off the Red Flag laws or any new laws or Executive Orders that erode the Second Amendment.

Without the Second Amendment, all other rights will be GONE within a short number of years.

See Venezuela.  

And Red Flag laws, are you kidding me?

So the same people who flag my conservative Facebook posts as "offensive" just because they believe there are two genders or because I believe in family values or because I believe in saving the lives of babies in the womb....yeah, those are the same people who are going to start giving me a Red Flag?

Are you serious POTUS?

That is total garbage and not only will it seriously erode the 2nd Amendment, but it will be IMMEDIATELY abused and weaponized against conservatives.  

Very dangerous!


If you agree, please add your support below. 

Help us get to 100,000 in support so we can send President Trump a CLEAR message: SAY NO TO RED FLAG LAW!



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