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Declass Starting On Wednesday? One Report Says Yes!


This article is speculation, but it makes a lot of sense.

A report is circulating that the long-awaited Declass will start on Wednesday.  Yeah, as in ‘tomorrow’. 

The report suggests that the Declass will not happen all at once, but will happen in stages.

The first stage to begin on Wednesday, by virtue of Bill Barr delivering the documents to Devin Nunes.  

That report has credibility in that President Trump himself has confirmed that he gave ALL of the documents to Bill Barr and then suggested that Bill Barr could do whatever he wanted with them, including perhaps giving them to someone like Devin Nunes.

The report has further credibility because we just saw Dan Coats replaced as Director of National Intelligence, and his removal now clears the path for an HONEST and trustworthy Declass.  

There is a certain order of things that must be followed!  #TrustThePlan

So we’ve heard this from the President himself and it makes sense logically, the only thing we haven’t heard confirmed yet is the date.

But here’s a video you might find REALLY interesting that breaks it all down, enjoy:

Well, what do you think?  

Love to get your thoughts. 

And check back right here TOMORROW and we'll see what happens, ok?  😁

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