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Police Officers Show Tremendous Self Control As They’re Doused With Water


Liberal-run New York has been in rapid decline for the past while.

But some of the state’s citizens just hit a new low when they attacked NYPD cops by dousing them in buckets of water, in one instance even hitting one cop in the head with a bucket they threw.

In contrast to the left’s narrative of police brutality, the cops, on the other hand, showed comendable restraint during the attacks.

Watch the videos of the despicable acts against our boys in blue here:

News of this complete disrespect of law enforcement has been circulating on social media ever since the clips were shared.

Take a look:

The hooligans that threw water at the cops could face severe punishment for assaulting the officers.

At least one of the hoodlums is in custody:

The fact that American citizens would do something like throw water on cops is just plain despicable, and some are accusing the left's rhetoric regarding police of inciting the incident.

Judge Jeanine weighed in on the disrespectful treatment of the police:

Other Twitter users are also condemning the disgusting act:

The NYPD has rightfully called the videos of the incident "reprehensible."

On this, Fox News had the following to share:

Videos of New York Police Department officers being doused with water and pelted with objects in separate incidents surfaced on social media on Monday, including one clip that showed officers getting drenched as they were making an arrest.

NYPD officials called the videos “reprehensible.” 

In one video, somebody hurled a bucket that hit an officer in the head while he was making an arrest in Harlem. Groups of jeering bystanders could be heard reacting as people continued to splash the officers with water.

“The videos of cops being doused with water and having objects hurled at them as they made an arrest in #Harlem is reprehensible,” NYPD Chief Terence Monahan said in a tweet on Monday. 

“NYC’s cops & communities have made remarkable progress — together — but EVERY New Yorker MUST show respect for our cops. They deserve nothing less.” 

In a later tweet, Monahan wrote, “To NY’s Finest: the work you do every day is remarkable. We trust you to do what is a very difficult job.” 

He encouraged officers to use their discretion and make arrests when necessary. 

“Thank you for what you do day in and day out,” Monahan wrote. “Please stay safe.”

In another viral video uniformed NYPD officers were seen getting drenched as they walked on a Brooklyn street. One man approached the officer and poured a bucket of water directly over his head. The officers stayed calm and seemed to ignore the situation. 

NBC New York also said:

Videos of NYPD officers getting doused in buckets of water that surfaced on Monday have sparked a debate on whether the behavior was simply a prank on a hot day, or a display of anti-police sentiment.

Law enforcement officials say they're investigating the incident in Harlem where one of the videos was taken. The officers were in the middle of making an arrest when bystanders threw water on them, followed by an empty red bucket.

In another video of a separate incident, two cops are seen crossing the street when a man pours a bucket of water on one of them.

In an internal NYPD memo obtained by News 4 Tuesday, the department said, "Police officers are not expected to tolerate conduct that may cause risk of injury to themselves and the public, interferes with the performance of their duties or tampers with or damages their uniform, equipment or other department property."

CBS News also commented on the videos:

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said Tuesday that one person is being questioned in connection with a viral video of police officers being doused with water while responding to calls. The videos caused widespread outrage in the city and online. 

One video, taken in Harlem over the weekend, shows two officers being doused with water and pelted with empty buckets while making an arrest.  

NYPD Chief Terrence Monahan responded to the incident on Twitter. "The videos of cops being doused with water and having objects hurled at them as they made an arrest in #Harlem is reprehensible," Monahan wrote. "NYC's cops & communities have made remarkable progress — together — but EVERY New Yorker MUST show respect for our cops. They deserve nothing less."

Regarding the person the NYPD has in custody for the crime, CNN gave the following details:

One person is in custody after on-duty New York police officers were recently doused with buckets of water, a senior Police Department official told CNN on Tuesday.

The official said the man in custody is one of those seen in cell phone video of an incident that sparked outrage among law enforcement. Charges are still pending, according to the official.

Videos of two different water-throwing incidents that occurred during the city's recent heat wave circulated widely on social media.

In one of the videos, officers in the Harlem section of Manhattan on Sunday are seen handcuffing a man on the hood of a sedan while about five other men circle the group. 

The men toss water on the arresting officers from buckets. At one point, a shirtless man behind the officers winds up and throws an empty red bucket. After it bounces off the head of the officer closest to the camera, the crowd jeers.

NYPD police officers courageously face unknown & sometimes hostile circumstances each time they answer a call. Still, professional & composed, they carry out their vital work. As a city & a PD, we'll never accept such disrespect.

— Commissioner O'Neill (@NYPDONeill) July 23, 2019

The NYPD issued a release Tuesday evening saying the officer who was hit with the bucket "suffered pain and swelling to the back of his head." 

The release asks for the public's help identifying three men wanted for questioning in connection to the Harlem incident, which occurred Sunday.

In a second video, two officers, already visibly wet, are seen walking away from a conversation with individuals who are obscured by a parked car in Brooklyn. Splashes of water follow them from off camera as laughter is heard in the background. 

As they cross the street, a young man runs up and pours an entire bucket of water on one officer. The two policemen never break stride.

Behind the camera, a woman can be heard laughing and saying, "Oh [the police] came over to talk to them and they violated, they violated them."

"Look," she says later, "They're laughing at them!"

The video, posted to Instagram, had over 20,000 views on Tuesday. It isn't clear what day the Brooklyn incident occurred.

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