California Construction Sign Displays "Trump 2020" Message!

California Construction Sign Displays “Trump 2020” Message!


A Caltrans sign in Victorville, CA was apparently modified to share a pro-Trump message with passing drivers over the weekend.

The construction sign read “Trump 2020” and was up long enough for passerbys to take snapshots of it to circulate all over the internet! 

I guess not all Californians are down with the complete liberal dystopias their big cities have become and the far-left agenda their government pushes!

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See a video of the sign for yourself here:

Take a look at how Twitter is reacting to the sign here:

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Local news station ABC 7 has more details on the sign:

A Caltrans construction sign with an unusual message was spotted over the weekend in Victorville.

Pictures of a sign on Palmdale Road that read "Trump 2020" were sent to Eyewitness News on Sunday.

CalTrans said they were working to change the message. The sign was clearly visible to passing motorists for an unknown period of time.

It is unclear who wrote the message.

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