Bill Clinton Just Released An INSULTING Statement About Epstein!

Does he think we're stupid?


What could he come up with that could top “I did not have sex with that woman”?

How about:  “I know nothing about the crimes committed by Epstein.”

Really Bill?

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Is that all the creativity you have left?

Here is the official Fox News report:

Bill Clinton “knows nothing” about the “terrible crimes” linked to Jeffrey Epstein, the former president’s spokesman said Monday, in Clinton’s first statement after new sex-trafficking charges were lobbed against the wealthy financier.

What a joke!

Here’s the full statement:

Of course, we all know that's already a huge lie because it wasn't four trips it was TWENTY SIX trips according to Fox News!

CLINTON CONNECTED? Details Behind Bill Clinton’s 26 RIDES On The “Lolita Express”!

Hey Bill, remember these flight logs?

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Not only does Fox News report that Bill Clinton flew on the LOLITA EXPRESS twenty-six times but they also say he ditched his Secret Service detail at least five times!

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