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JUSTICE! FBI-NYPD Arrests Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein For Sex Trafficking!

Draining the Swamp!


Massive news just hit the wire tonight.

Billionaire and alleged humongous pervert Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested in a joint effort by the FBI and NYPD for sex trafficking of minor girls!

For decades this man has flaunted justice, but President Trump came into office in 2016 and promised to DRAIN THE SWAMP…..and the Swamp takes many forms.

Look at these beautiful breaking news reports that just hit:

Fox News reports:

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with sex trafficking underage girls in New York and Florida, Fox News has learned.

Epstein, who a decade ago received a lenient plea deal after being accused of paying girls for sexual massages in Florida, is expected to appear in a New York court Monday.

The 66-year-old financier has long been plagued by allegations of sexual abuse against minors.

In 2008, Epstein was sentenced to 13 months in prison, required to settle with his then-teenage victims and register as a sex offender; He could have faced life in prison.

The new charges accused him of sex trafficking minors between 2002 and 2005 by paying them cash for massages and sexually abusing them in his New York apartment and his Palm Beach residence. Several of his associates allegedly recruited the girls and some victims became recruiters themselves, according to the Daily Beast.

Epstein -- who is friends with President Trump and former President Bill Clinton -- avoided federal criminal charges in 2007 and 2008 after agreeing to a plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to states charges of soliciting prostitution and served 13 months in a Florida county and registered as a sex offender.

The much-criticized deal allowed him to leave jail custody six days a week to work from his office.

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Even NBC reported back in February of the oddities of Epstein's prior deal:

As former federal prosecutors of over 25 years combined who worked on dozens of sex trafficking cases, the treatment of some of the most vulnerable victims by then-U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta in the Jeffrey Epstein case is stunning and raises every sort of red flag.

Of course, federal prosecutors are not perfect, and mistakes and lapses in communication with victims — even tragic ones — do happen. But federal Judge Kenneth A. Marra’s detailed description of how things unfolded in this case makes clear that these were not mistakes by overwhelmed or overworked prosecutors. Rather, this appears to be a calculated plan by the prosecutor in charge — Acosta — acting in concert with Epstein’s defense attorneys to hide a plea agreement from young victims because they did not want bad publicity for Epstein, they did not want other perpetrators exposed and/or they did not want the victims to object.

Any one of these motivations would be contrary to the practices and instincts of the prosecutors with whom we have worked to not cater to powerful defendants, but hold them to the same standards applied in every criminal case.

Acosta’s actions are even more egregious when considering the accusations in the case: For six years, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly ran a sex trafficking ring that preyed on more than 30 girls, some as young as 13, and personally raped and sexually assaulted many of them. But, though there are stringent federal laws designed specifically to address this type of horrific conduct, Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to state, not federal, charges pursuant to a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in 2008 and received a shockingly lenient sentence.

An NPA typically allows a defendant to resolve his or her case without any admission of wrongdoing, as the government agrees not to prosecute the defendant or to drop charges that had previously been brought. This is a significant benefit to defendants — they don’t have to admit the specifics of what they did wrong — and potentially a blow to victims, because they get no chance to confront the defendant in court and no closure from an admission of guilt. Judge Marra rightly noted in his ruling that prosecutors had discretion to enter into this kind of agreement with Epstein, but was extremely critical of the process by which they did that because, he said, they intentionally violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

The CVRA provides certain specific rights to victims, including the right to be heard at any public proceeding in the district court, the right to confer with the prosecutors and the right to be treated with fairness and with respect for their dignity. Judge Marra determined that prosecutors violated those provisions because “the office never conferred with the victims about a NPA or told the victims that such an agreement was under consideration” but instead “mislead the victims to believe that federal prosecution was still a possibility” when they had already decided against it and informed Epstein's lawyers of that fact.

The deal with Epstein also seems to have violated departmental policy: The U.S. Attorney’s Manual, which sets out guidelines that federal prosecutors are required to follow, specifically says that, when prosecutors are considering whether to offer a defendant a NPA, they must consider not only the defendant’s culpability, but the interests of any victims. It’s hard to see how Epstein's victims’ interests were considered when they weren’t even told of the agreement.

 Meanwhile, here is what @dnajlion7 has been reporting for several months on YouTube:



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