FLASHBACK: Watch Lee Greenwood Surprise President Trump Live!

An amazing moment


This was an amazing moment.

I happened to come across this video again today as I was watching some Trump videos and had to share with you in case you missed it the first time.

Here’s the setup, from the YouTube description:

The standard opening song played at each campaign event with President Trump is Lee Greenwood’s recording of “God Bless The USA.” Lee Greenwood surprised the president with his live performance of the song at this MAGA Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee Sunday night, November 4, 2018 only two days before the mid-term elections. The president was there to support Republican candidates including GOP candidate for Senator, Rep. Marsha Blackburn.

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Watch it here, it’s great:

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Based on the top YouTube comments, it's safe to say almost EVERYONE loved the moment and the song:


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