Devin Nunes Warns “Something Very Odd” About Mueller’s Upcoming Testimony


Devin Nunes just went on Judge Jeanine and sounded the alarm:  something is not right with the upcoming Mueller testimony to Congress.

Nunes says he isn’t quite sure what will happen or how it will play out, but the dots are not connecting and things are not adding up.

Our friends over at Team Bongino report this:

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) says there is something “odd” about the plans surrounding Robert Mueller’s July 17 congressional testimony.

“I don’t know which direction he’s [Mueller] going to go…I think there are two trains of thought out there: One is he’s just not going to say anything, which is very possible, but it’s also very possible too that he could throw a monkey wrench in things,” Nunes said.

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“What’s odd about this is, supposedly he’s only agreed to testify for four hours — but four hours with the House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee is not enough time to get everyone’s questions in,” he continued.

Also of concern to Nunes is the possibility that Mueller would send his “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann to testify behind closed doors.

“In addition people should know he’s also not willing to testify, as of now, behind closed doors and he’s supposedly going to send in Andrew Weissmann and his team of geniuses that came up with these conspiracy theories and that’s not going to even be translated,” he warned.

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We’ve got the clip for you so you can watch for yourself.

Here you go:

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