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OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Here’s Your 2020 Campaign Slogan!



President Trump has been trying to figure out what campaign slogan to use in 2020.

And I don’t think he’s landed yet, because neither seems quite right.

“Make America Great Again” was the best campaign slogan of all time, yet after 4 years in office, it’s hard to use the same slogan….especially when so much progress has already been made and America IS greater for it!

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So President Trump has been testing out “Keep America Great”.

Take a look at this clip from his Orlando Rally where you see him wrestling with which slogan to use:


Keep America Great is a good slogan and establishes that President Trump has already done great things, but there is one big problem.

Russell Brunson did a deep-dive study where he analyzed the slogans from all presidential campaigns in history -- as many as he could find information for. 

And he found a common thread among the winners....and among the losers.

The winners all had a "future based cause".  

In other words, they were calling people to follow them to a future goal.  A better future that we can all get to together, if that person is elected President.

The best example?  "Make America Great Again."  

Another good example (even though we loathe the man):  "Change we can believe in."

The losers were all focused on the present.  

There was no momentum, they weren't going anywhere.  

It was focused on the now.

The best example?  "I'm With Her."  


Now here's the problem with "Keep America Great"'s focused on the present and not on a future based cause.

I think at this point President Trump probably has enough momentum to propel himself to a victory even dispite whatever campaign slogan he uses, but we'd still like to give him every advantage possible. 

That's why we're starting the campaign to get President Trump to use "Make America Even Greater" as his slogan in 2020.  

It ties in to 2016 but still has a future-based cause.

And you know what else?  It's true!  President Trump has done a lot, but there is still A TON to do in the next 5 years. 

A lot of Swamp still left to be drained.  

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He needs to finish the job.  Future.  Progress.  Momentum!

So we posted this a couple days ago, and the results are so far in favor of our slogan at 65%!

We're asking everyone to help get the word out so that this will eventually come across President Trump's desk....or phone!

We know his staff reads this website at WeLoveTrump, so if you're close to the President and reading this, please let him know!  

Let's do this!  #Trump2020!

Please limit one per person! 😊

Only while they last.  

Check availability here.


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