Incredible Kim Clement Prophecies: Iran, North Korea, Trump!

Incredible Kim Clement Prophecies: Iran, North Korea, Trump!

Wow, all YEARS before Trump even ran for President

This is pretty incredible.

Even if you don’t believe in prophecy, you have to admit this is WILD that this man, Kim Clement, prophesied all of these things YEARS before Donald Trump even ran for President.

The video is short so I urge you to watch it for yourself, but here’s what stood out to me.

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First thing was when he said that Iran would decide for itself to come against the United States.  And that was YEARS ago.


It’s like reading the front page of today’s paper!

And what he said is coming next is fascinating to me.  

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He says after Iran decides to come against the United States, they will be surprised by North Korea who comes against them!

You heard it here first folks. 

Watch and see….will Kim Clement be right again?

That’s just ONE thing that jumped out to me.  

I’ll leave the rest for you to discover.


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