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Bill Barr Surprises On The Bagpipes, And An Old Trump Tweet Decoded?


Bill Barr is a man of many talents.  

Drainer of the Deep State by day, bagpipe player by night?

I guess so!

Who knew the man could play the bagpipes as good as anyone I’ve ever heard?

Apparently, not many people, even surprising many in the crowd.

I always know it’s gonna be a great video when I start having people send me links to it before I’ve even had a chance to watch, so thank you to the readers (and also a couple family members) who sent me this link and told me to go watch.

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Even better than the bagpipes is what he did and said after playing.

Just like President Trump himself, I think Bill Barr is holding all the cards and he’s having fun toying with the Deep State Cabal before he drops the hammer.

Look at the playfulness on his face at the end of the clip, this is the look of a man firmly in control, working hand-in-hand with his President!

Watch and enjoy:


I told you it was good!

CBS News had more to say about it:

Attorney General William Barr took a break from his day job to showcase one of his hidden talents during an event with U.S. attorneys. Seated on stage Wednesday during the Justice Department event, the nation's top law enforcement official disappeared behind a curtain as a group of Pipes and Drums bagpipers from the New York Police Department, the Emerald Society, assembled in front of the auditorium stage. 

Barr re-emerged onstage and tucked a bagpipe under his arm as the crowd of government attorneys laughed and applauded. A low drum beat sounded and the traditional bagpipe march "Scotland the Brave" began with Barr joining in. The crowd gave him a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

Barr explained that this was the first time he had played since his daughter's wedding. He found out that the Emerald Society pipers were coming as a surprise for him -- so he thought he would surprise them by bringing his bagpipes.

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The attorney general's bagpipe playing is far from just a hobby. According to Pipes and Drums Magazine, Barr takes the bagpipe very seriously -- he's been playing since before his legal career began. Barr was a member of the now defunct U.S.-based Grade 2 Denny & Dunipace Pipe Band – which later evolved into the Scottish & Irish Imports and City of Washington – from the early-1980s until the early-1990s. Barr played with the band in a number of competitions, including the World Championships.

Soon afterward, Barr joined the Bush administration to serve his first stint as attorney general, effectively putting his competitive piping career on hold.

Here's what our friend Mark Taylor (the Trump Prophet) had to say:

The comments online went nuts for Barr:


Now, let me take this in a slightly different direction.

I also came across this video about the bagpipes, which has a lot more commentary around it.  

I think you'll enjoy this guy's insight, but I especially want to talk about the first half of the video, where he analyzes a Trump Tweet from 2012.

Do you think he's onto something with this?

Was it just a simple typo?  

The Clinton ties are sure hard to ignore.  

If true, things run WAY deeper than any of us would probably like to admit.

Take a look at this and then leave me a comment with your thoughts:

Please limit one per person! 😊

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