WHAT IS GOING ON? Ten Prominent People Dead or Murdered In Last 72 Hours!



I came across a really interesting video today.

I had heard about 5 of these, but I didn’t know the full list of all ten.

Here’s the short story….ten prominent people are all dead (many killed) over a 72 hour period.

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Chief’s of Police.

Rodhams (yeah, as in Hillary Rodham).

What’s their connection?

It’s not immediately clear, but to have 10 prominent people like this all drop dead in a 72 hour period certainly raises the spectre of inquiry!


I’m no math expert, but I think any statistician would tell you when ten things happen like this all at the same time, the chances of it being “coincidence” are about the same as winning that $500 million lottery.

In other words, not gonna happen!

The man in the video does a great job of breaking it all down, and I’m not making any accusations or claiming I know what’s going on — neither does he.

He’s just laying out the facts and saying it doesn’t smell right.

And I agree.

What’s also odd is that of the group of dead people, some appear to be the “good guys” and some appear to be the “bad guys”.

Very odd.

Please watch for yourself and then I’d love to hear what you think!

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