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UPDATED: Gone? After Obscene Trump Comments, Behar and McCain Missing From The View


UPDATE: On Tuesday, Behar was back, but McCain was still missing.

After seemingly advocating for Trump’s assassination on ABC’s The View, Meghan McCain and Joy Behar were absent from Monday’s episode. 

Here’s some background:

On Friday, while discussing whether Dems’ should try to impeach President Trump, deceased Sen. John McCain’s daughter and The View co-host Meghan McCain made this sickening, twisted comment:

“I will say, if you take this kill shot, Democrats, ya better not miss. Ya better hit his jugular and if there’s even a finger still moving at the end of it you’re gonna ruin your chances in 2020. But you better do this well, if you’re gonna do it.”

Joy Behar can be heard in the background agreeing with McCain. Later on, she backs up McCain saying, “If you swing, you have to hit the ball.”

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in and interrupted McCain’s speech before she could say anything else, appearing to try to save the situation by implying that McCain didn’t mean what she said literally.

McCain jumped on board, saying that it was only a “metaphor,” but you’ve gotta wonder if that was really the truth when you see how McCain presents the situation in the clip.

Here’s the video from The View (Meghan McCain begins talking at 3:14):

The Washington Examiner said the following about the gross comments made on The View:

Meghan McCain said that House Democrats need to succeed if they attempt to impeach President Trump. 


“I will say if you take this kill shot, Democrats, you better not miss. You better hit his jugular. If there is even a finger still moving at the end of it, you’re going to ruin your chances in 2020. But you better do this well if you're going to do it,” the host of “The View” said Friday. 


Host Whoopi Goldberg intervened to clarify that McCain was not calling for literal harm to the president. 

“I'm a hunter and shooter, I’m sorry if that metaphor is wrong. I talk like a redneck, so sorry. But I will say you have to successfully do this if you're going to impeach him. You have to impeach him. It can't just be proceedings that don't end up successful,” McCain said. 


“If you’re going to swing, you have to hit the ball,” host Joy Behar said. 


McCain thanked Behar for coming up with a more apt metaphor. 

Trump Derangement Syndrome is just getting worse.

It's funny how McCain so easily gives a graphic "hypothetical" of President Trump being murdered when just a few months ago she was the one calling Trump insensitive for saying "he never was, and never will be" a fan of her father's.


On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg offered a cryptic explanation for the absence of McCain and Behar.

Raw Story has more details:

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg offered a somewhat cryptic explanation for the absence of two of her frequently sparring co-hosts.

The show has already been without co-host Abby Huntsman, who recently took a maternity leave ahead of the birth of her twins, and Goldberg explained why they were without Meghan McCain and Joy Behar.

“Two people are out, yes, but not permanently, okay?” Goldberg said, smiling tightly. “So don’t start anything. Both ladies are down for the count, and will probably be with us in the next day or so.”

Goldberg and Behar each kept producers busy last week by using profanity that had to be bleeped out, and McCain was forced to apologize on air for saying Democrats had to take a “kill shot” to impeach President Donald Trump.

We don't exactly know what's going on behind the scenes of the ABC talk show, but we wonder if McCain will be back, and if so, how soon?

I guess we'll see.


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