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Trump Supporter POPS Disgraceful Trump Float: “The President of the United States Is The Best President Ever!”

Talk about bravery!


A mini replica of the disrespectful, infamous “Trump Baby Balloon” flown by British Trump haters on occasion of Trump’s U.K. visit has been popped!

The female Trump supporter, known as Based Amy on Twitter, livestreamed the event. 

After the deed had been done, she shouted,

“That’s a disgrace! It’s a national disgrace! The president of the United States is the best president ever! Shame on you!”

She was immediately detained by police and arrested for possession of a sharp object, which is illegal in London (which is “totally not” because of their huge migrant crisis, btw…)

Watch the video here:

Talk about bravery!

The news of the "Baby Balloon" being popped is blowing up on Twitter.

Take a look:

Fox News had the following to say:

A woman popped the massive balloon depicting President Trump as a baby in London on Tuesday, berating protesters for disrespecting the "best president ever."

"That's a disgrace," she told bystanders in a video posted by The Sun newspaper. "The president of the United States is the best president ever." It's unclear what she used to deflate the balloon but she prompted people to yell in response.

"I think Donald Trump's balloon is not very well," she said as she walked away from the scene. "He's going down rapidly for a reason." During the video, an officer appeared to confront her, prompting her to delcare "the police are coming after me."

It's funny how the woman who popped the balloon was arrested, but another Trump supporter was assaulted by having a milkshake thrown at him during the same Trump protest.

No word of police intervention on that attack.

Throwing milkshakes has become the British left's favored form of assault lately, as they've been constantly harrassing Brexit party leader Nigel Farage in the same manner.

The Independent has more details:

One of the "Trump Baby" blimps flown at today’s protests in London against the US president’s visit was attacked by a pro-Trump supporter carrying a sharp object.

A woman approached a group of activists outside the House of Commons and stabbed the mini blimp in the back, according to the team of “babysitters” looking after the balloon.

“A woman … punctured the mini Trump baby replica with a sharp object,” said a spokesman for the group. “It’s not surprising that the far right would want to meet freedom of expression with violence.”                                          

The Donald Trump supporter was led away from the crowd by police officers. A spokesperson for Scotland Yard told The Independent that “one female has been arrested for being in possession of a pointed or bladed article”.


Elsewhere in Parliament Square, one of the president’s supporters was hit on the head by a milkshake. Video footage showed a crowd of demonstrators chanting “Nazi scum” at the man, before he was struck by a drink container and with left milkshake dripping down his forehead.

Activists had flown the giant, 20ft high blimp depicting Mr Trump as an angry orange infant in Parliament Square around 9am on Tuesday morning, before inflating a smaller, lighter replica to carry among the crowds this afternoon.        

“We’ve had a fantastic day with Baby Trump in front of the world’s media and the president himself,” said a spokesman. “The actual Trump Baby is on his way to Dublin as we speak to be ready to troll Trump on his next destination.”

Mr Trump, in the UK with his family for a three-day state visit, had to drive past the giant baby balloon as he arrived in Whitehall to meet prime minister Theresa May on Tuesday.           

The Greater London Authority, headed by the capital’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave the green light for the huge inflatable effigy to be flown in protest during the visit.


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