CRINGEWORTHY FLASHBACK: Elizabeth Warren Posts ODD Home Video And Is Roasted On Twitter!

This is hard to watch!


Since she was in the news today getting BLASTED by liberal talk show hosts, I had to flashback to this other huge fail from Elizabeth Warren.

It’s one of my favorite videos and cracks me up each time it’s SO BAD!

We all thought Kevin Spacey posted the creepiest home video in his kitchen when he posted his cringe-worthy “Let Me Be Frank video a couple weeks ago.

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Remember this?

Then Elizabeth Warren came along and said "Hold My Beer, I can top that!"

Or did she say "Let me get a beer"?

Anyway, the point is, Warren shot a cringe-worthy home video in her kitchen that many think has dethroned Spacey as the awkward video of the year.

Take a look:


I have so many questions......

Like, why does it seem so incredibly staged?

Who says "I'm gonna get me a beer" and who does it so awkwardly?

Why is she so awkward?

Why does she thank her husband for being here?  Where Liz, in your house?  Thank you for being here?  What?  Who has ever said that to their spouse?

Why is this so creepy in fake?

Is this what we have to look forward to in her 2020 campaign?

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It appears I wasn't the only one with questions, even CBS News posted this video poking fun at the horrible video and posing many of the same questions I had:

Of course Fox News also ripped the video calling her "Inauthentic in everything she does".

Take a look:

And I just have one other question....

Isn't this the same lady who just got done ripping JUSTICE Kavanaugh for having a beer? 

I do have that correct, don't I?

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But perhaps the best line of all goes of course to our President, Donald J. Trump when he said this of Warren:

Help us send Nancy Pelosi a TRUCKLOAD of Bricks!

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