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ALARMIST: Al Gore Tells Students: “Trump’s Assault on Science Threatens Humanity!”


Al Gore is back!

And he’s doing what he does best, being an alarmist.

Some would say he’s a charlatan.

Some would say he’s promoting bunk science.  

Some say he’s the founder of the Internet!  

Whatever you think about him, he’s back in the public spotlight and he’s sounding the alarm again about the environment.

But this time, he says things are much worse because of President Trump’s “assault on science”.

And not only that, but the “assault on science” is threatening all of humanity!

Wow, I guess Trump has a lot of power.  I had no idea he could wipe out the entire population!

Gore is probably still upset about this 2012 Tweet from then-private-citizen Donald J. Trump:

His recent comments and attack on Trump came during his commencement speech at Harvard this month.

We've got the video for you here.

See it for yourself:


So here's what I'm Gore seeing an opportunity?

Whenever I start seenig someone in the news who has been out for a long time, I wonder what they're up to.

It doesn't take too much brainpower to realize the Democrats are a total mess and have no clear leader for 2020.  

The leader appears to be Biden, but is he the best they have?

It feels like he could go down in a scandal at any moment.

Is Al Gore sensing an opportunity to step in and claim the nomination?

I wonder.

Back to his comments....the Daily Caller had more on the story:

Former Vice President Al Gore said President Donald Trump’s “assault on science” threatens “the capacity of the human species to endure” on Earth.

Gore issued his warning in a speech to Harvard University students and faculty Wednesday, stressing “reason” and “rational debate,” indeed democracy itself, were under threat from the “ideology of authoritarianism.”

Science “is now being slandered as a conspiracy based on a hoax,” Gore said, likely referring to a 2012 Trump tweet where he called man-made global warming a “Chinese hoax.”

“The subordination of the best scientific evidence to the cynical greed of those buttressing the power of a would-be-autocrat is yet another strategy for controlling policy by distorting and suppressing the best available information,” Gore said.

“So the ideology of authoritarianism is not only a threat to democracy in America, now because of the attacks on climate science, it has become a threat to the survival of human civilization as we know it and even potentially to the capacity of the human species to endure,” Gore continued.

“In order to solve the climate crisis, we must solve the democracy crisis,” Gore said.

While Gore, a Harvard alumni and producer of two films of questionable accuracy on global warming, did not refer to Trump by name, the former vice president’s message was clear.

“The system of checks and balances that has protected the integrity of our American system for more than two centuries has already been dangerously eroded,” Gore said.

Gore, however, also went after social media, which he claimed is driven by “surveillance capitalism.” Gore said social media “enhances cynicism and magnifies divisions” that erode society. 

Gore went on to blame rampant flooding and tornado sightings in the Midwest on man-made global warming, echoing recent attempts by Democratic presidential candidates to do the same in Iowa.

“Speaking of wind, the winds are increasingly destructive in our world,” Gore said. “Yesterday was the thirteenth day in a row when multiple tornadoes touched down in the United States — 500 this month.”

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“Hurricanes have become much stronger. Today, the Arkansas River is four feet higher than the all-time record flood stage. The Mississippi River is setting records as the longest flood ever. Thirty-nine million Americans today are at risk from flooding,” Gore said.

Gore also implored Harvard to divest its endowment from fossil fuel holdings, comparing it to the 1980s campaigns to pull investments in South Africa during apartheid. Gore has often compared climate activism to the anti-apartheid, civil rights and abolition movements.

“It was immoral to continue investing in apartheid,” Gore said before going on to accuse fossil fuel companies of using the tobacco industry’s strategy to keep the American public ignorant of climate science — a narrative pushed by some liberal media outlets.

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