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DONNA BRAZILE: Biden “is a Proven Leader” as his Campaign is Expected to Launch Tomorrow


Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to launch his presidential bid on Thursday, sources have confirmed to Fox News.

Biden, who has been leading in the polls on the Democrat’s side despite not having formally declared, was initially expected to announce his candidacy today, but had to push back a day.

I suppose we will wait and see what happens tomorrow.

News of the expected bid has predictably caused a stir across the political spectrum.

According to Fox News:

Joe Biden’s long-awaited 2020 presidential bid announcement has been pushed back to Thursday, with plans for the former vice president to follow up with an appearance in Pittsburgh next week, Fox News has learned.

The lead-up to Biden’s campaign launch has been clouded by confusion. While initial indications pointed to a Wednesday kick-off, sources familiar with the planning now say Biden will make his candidacy for the presidency official on Thursday in a video announcement.

At this point, the Pittsburgh event is slated for Monday.

“The theme for the announcement is going to be ‘the battle for the soul of America,’” said one source close to Biden’s inner circle, who asked for anonymity to speak more freely.

The former vice president is expected to open his third bid for the Democratic presidential nomination with a message that describes the current climate in the nation and takes on Republican President Trump. In a likely video announcing his candidacy, Biden’s expected to stress the stakes for the country and what kind of leadership is demanded for this moment in the nation’s history.

Many on the left and right weighed in with their comments and reactions, including former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile.

According to Fox News:

Former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile, a Fox News contributor, said she thinks former Vice President Joe Biden  “is a proven leader,” and has what it takes to “go the distance” in the 2020 presidential race.

Brazile made her comments on “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday, the day before Biden is expected to declare his candidacy for president.

The announcement would end months of speculation as the 76-year-old Biden mulled making what would be a third White House bid. Despite the recent #MeToo controversy complicating his would-be campaign, the former vice president has remained at the top of most public opinion polls.

Biden’s potential political campaign hit a bump recently after several women complained publicly about the prospective 2020 Democratic candidate, accusing him of touching them inappropriately at events.

“With 20 candidates I’m not sure that it’s time to pick number one. But he is number one in the polls. That’s because, of course, he was vice president for eight years. He’s been a public servant. He is a proven leader,” said Brazile.

She added, “The race to the White House is about delegates and the question is, will he have enough, what I like to say, enough miles to go the distance? I do believe he will go the distance and that’s because voters know him, they appreciate his leadership. But what’s his vision? That’s what this generation of Democrats will be asking him. Where do you want to take us?”

We would expect Donna Brazile to back Biden and call him a leader, but what comes as a surprise to many is the recent news that late Republican Senator John McCain’s family plans to back Joe Biden’s bid in both the Democratic primaries and the anticipated national election match-up against President Trump.

Twitter was ablaze with the news:

Things are getting crazy quite quickly. Let’s see how all of this unfolds.

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