Dem Presidential Hopeful Cory Booker Promises 2020 Running Mate will be a Woman


New Jersey Senator and presidential hopeful Cory Booker (D-NJ) has made yet another 2020 promise to Americans: he says his running mate will be a woman.

Earlier today, he made the announcement at the She The People Presidential forum in Houston, Texas. He declared that, if he gets his way, voters can expect to see a woman on the ballot if he wins the Democratic party’s nomination.

“I will have a woman running mate,” Booker said at the event in Houston. “To me, it’s really clear that we do that.”

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To me, Cory, it’s always been about qualifications. If it is a woman that is most qualified, then fantastic. But, it should be based on merit, not gender alone.

According to Fox News:

Booker previously suggested that “if I have it my way,” he would pick a woman to run alongside him.

“I am very confident that this election, we will make history, because no matter what, I’m looking you in the eye and saying this, there will be a woman on the ticket. I don’t know if it’s in the vice president’s position or the president’s position,” Booker said last month at a campaign event in New Hampshire.

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