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Trump Tweet Puts Obama On Notice: Obama Admin Must Account for ‘Abuse of Surveillance Powers’


In a bold move which was largely (perhaps willfully) ignored by the Mainstream Media on March 25th: President Trump just put former President Obama and his entire administration on notice!

And he did it with a single tweet.

Not even a comment of his own, just a link and an article.

Take a look:

This move follows Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s massive failure to find ANY evidence of collusion with Russia.

An investigation made possible only through the Obama administration’s FISA court ordered surveillance which was based upon a staggeringly incomplete application which omitted many facts about the Steele Dossier.

As John Solomon of TheHill wrote :

“That’s because we now know the FBI, in 2016, omitted significant information from the application for the FISA warrant that allowed it to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in hopes of finding evidence of collusion between Russia and the GOP presidential nominee’s campaign.”

Could a GOP led investigation into the legally questionable surveillance practices of the Obama’s “Deep State” be coming soon?

Our good friends at Breitbart seem to think so.

So much so that they reported that The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman seems to be of a similar mind to Sen. Rand Paul on this!

Freeman wrote in the WSJ:

“The Mueller report confirms that the Obama administration, without evidence, turned the surveillance powers of the federal government against the presidential campaign of the party out of power. This historic abuse of executive authority was either approved by President Barack Obama or it was not. It’s time for Mr. Obama, who oddly receives few mentions in stories about his government’s spying on associates of the 2016 Trump campaign, to say what he knew and did not know about the targeting of his party’s opponents.”

Paging Dr. Paul, Doctor Rand Paul:

SIGN THE PETITION: We Need National Voter ID!’s Kaley went into greater depth on this story just hours ago, but when President Trump weighs in, the whole political landscape changes.

Make no mistake: when the President of the United States and an Assistant Editor at the Wall Street Journal are hitting the same notes as a Senator who only votes in line with President Trump 57.1% of the time according to that should illustrate the seriousness of the issue.

Is it time for the President and the Congressional GOP to launch a real investigation?

Tell us what you think in the comments!


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