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President Trump Has a Rally Tonight In Michigan and The Lines Are Already HUGE!

Trust your eyes folks!


President Trump is starting to roll into campaign season for the 2020 election, as crazy as that may sound.

But with the Dems announcing their candidacies, it’s not too early to start the KEEP AMERICA GREAT campaign!

So you might call tonight’s rally in Michigan a campaign rally, or you might call it a victory tour after the wonderful week President Trump has had!

He was pretty fired up at rallies over the past two years while the Fake Russian Investigation was still hanging over his head….can you even imagine how fired up he’ll be tonight with it done?

I think this could be one for the record books!

Looks like I’m not the only one.

The lines are MASSIVE already and it’s not even near showtime!  

Take a look:

And the crowd is FIRED UP!

Already chanting "Lock Her Up"!

Folks, let me tell you something about why this is especially important.

And it's this:  TRUST YOUR EYES!

Don't beLIEve the lying media.

Don't beLIEve the lying polls.

Don't even beLIEve the results until we're assured the voter fraud has been cleared up.

Trust your eyes.

This is just like in 2016, when President Trump was filling up stadiums across the country, and Hillary couldn't fill up high school gyms.

Folks...President Trump is WILDLY popular!  

Trust your eyes!

What do you see?  

Does this look like a man who only has a 50% approval rating?  

Come on people, we have to wise up!  And wake up!  

It's my personal opinion that something much closer to 75% of America is standing firmly behind this man.

And with the Russian Scam now over, maybe the dam is about ready to truly burst in his favor.

And we can all help!

Tell your family you support Trump!

Tell you friends!

Tell your co-workers!

We have to speak up and be heard!

If you're reading this article, I bet I know a few things about you:  a lot of you are probably college educated, or self-made entreprenuers, or well respected in your community, I know we have a lot of doctors, lawyers, pastors, teachers, you name it, reading this website on a daily basis....

What's my point?

My point is, the Media wants to paint Trump supporters as dumb hillbillies (no offense to hillbillies 😂) but you know what?  

We're business owners.

We're teachers.

We're doctors.

We're union members.

We're entreprenuers.

We're lawyers.

We're insurance agents.

You name it!  

NATIONAL POLL: Is CNN The Enemy Of The People?

And just like these wonderful folks are doing in Michigan, we need to go public and say I'm a proud Trump fan and I'm voting Trump in 2020!

Are you with us?

We'll even give you a FREE hat! 🔥

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