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Trump Wants to Turn the Tables on Dems Upon End of Mueller Investigation

Investigate the Investigators!

With the Mueller investigation now over and turning up absolutely no evidence to support Dems’ claims that Trump colluded with Russia during his 2016 campaign, Trump has been vocal in expressing that the ones who were behind the investigation should now become the investigated.

Trump’s statement confirms that the time has come for Democrats to be held accountable for the lies they spread about the president and for their costly, unnecessary investigation based on no real, solid basis. 

Republicans are enthusiastically echoing Trump’s call to investigate the investigators and bring justice to the situation.

Check it out:

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Fox News reported on the president's call to action:

President Trump and his legal team declared total victory Sunday following the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s key findings -- including no evidence of collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign -- but sought to turn the tables by renewing calls to investigate the investigators.

Trump himself slammed the probe as an “illegal takedown,” as he called Mueller’s report a “complete exoneration” and said it was a “shame” his presidency had to deal with the investigation for two years.

“Hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side,” Trump said. “This was an illegal takedown that failed and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side.”

In case it wasn't clear what he meant, Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News an investigation should be launched into how the investigation began.

“He was being investigated for a crime that never happened,” Giuliani said. “There was never any collusion.”

Giuliani added: "There has to be a full and complete investigation, with at least as much enthusiasm as this one, to figure out where did this charge emanate, who started it, who paid for it.”

The former New York mayor specifically called out one of Trump’s most vocal critics, Rep. Adam Schiff, asking the California lawmaker where the evidence of collusion is that Schiff has said he has.

“Where is Schiff’s evidence?” Giuliani asked. “Where is it? In his head?”

Earlier in the day, Schiff – the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee – said that despite Mueller handing in the report on Friday without any recommendations for new indictments, that doesn't mean "there isn't compelling and incriminating evidence that should be shared with the American people."

Dick Morris voiced his opinion on The Western Journal, which we have to agree with:

With the failure of the Mueller investigation to find any credible evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, the time has come to hold to account the DOJ, FBI and CIA officers who spread disinformation to compromise the president.

As John Solomon wrote in The Hill: “Accountability also must be handed out in the court of public opinion, where senior members of Congress, such as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), and former members of the intelligence community, such as John Brennan and James Clapper, along with several major news organizations, spun tall stories of a Watergate-sized criminal conspiracy between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.”

These pundits must not be allowed to follow their false doomsday reports with more columns and opinions without holding them accountable for having misled us for years.

An “I’m sorry to have bothered you,” won’t cut it. These breathless media leaks, and the complicity of the liberal media in featuring them, were designed first to defeat, then to discredit, and, finally, to impeach the president.

Donald Trump would be within his rights to ask, as former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan asked after he was cleared of corruption charges: ”Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?”

The Trump presidency was not allowed a proper birth as phony, doctored, fabricated and false charges of collusion with Russia dogged its opening months and years. Trump has had to run the country while under a false cloud from day one.

The damage to his credibility and presidency are incalculable.

Now that the allegations have been disproven, it is time, metaphorically (you need to add that these days) to shoot the alligators.

They are still on patrol in the swamp, passing out disinformation and lies masquerading as intelligence. The partisans at the CIA, DOJ and FBI who framed Trump need to be investigated, subpoenaed, deposed and, if necessary, indicted.

In a related story, Trump has claimed that Michael Cohen, his former lawyer who will begin a 3-year sentence this May for tax fraud, lying to Congress, and a campaign finance violation, colluded with Adam Schiff before giving his testimony where he trashed Trump. 

Check out the report by The Washington Examiner:

President Trump pushed the argument Sunday evening that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was complicit in "colluding" with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and should be investigated for ethics violations.

Upon returning to Washington, D.C., after a weekend trip to Florida, the president retweeted reports and commentary about Cohen being coached before his public testimony before the House Oversight Committee last month.

"If Schiff wasn't coaching Cohen on how to go after Trump before his testimony and was just going over procedural issues, why didn't he invite GOP staff to sit in on these secret meetings? Schiff must be recused from future hearings while Ethics investigates his witness tampering," said ones of those tweets from Paul Sperry, a conservative author and political commentator at the right-leaning Hoover Institute. 

Last week, Cohen told House investigators that staff for Schiff, D-Calif., traveled to New York four times to meet with him for a total of 10 hours about a variety of topics right before his appearance before the oversight panel, according to Fox News.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., suggested there was "witness tampering" and fellow Republican member, Rep. Mike Turner wrote a letter to Cohen demanding answers. “Clearly, there will be questions as to whether or not such contacts, if they occurred, constitute witness tampering, obstruction of justice, or collusion, collaboration, and cooperation between the House Democratic majority, their staff, and you,” the Ohio lawmaker wrote.


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