Laura Ingraham Calls Out Jim Acosta and He Takes The Bait!

Oh Jim, bad look!


As if this were even possible, Jim Acosta just made himself look even smaller than normal.

Check this out….

Laura Ingraham pointed out how ridiculous Acosta was being recently when he complained about “not getting called on” during Trump’s recent trip to Vietnam.

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Jim, seriously, bad look man!

You sound like the kid who is complaining he always gets picked last for dodgeball….

Whining is not a good look.

WINNING, Jim, winning is what we do!

Whining is apparently what you do.

They look similar, but are very different.

Watch Laura poke fun at Acosta in this short clip from CPAC:

And quite predictably, Acosta took the bait.

Look at what he sent in response:

So Ingraham landed the final haymaker to end the debate:

Jim, I would say "class it up" but I'm gonna go for something easier.  

Just quit while you're ahead and stop whining.

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It's a bad look!

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