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REPORT: Arrest of Man Who Violently Attacked Conservative Student Is IMMINENT!

Get him!


In case you were looking for the true hate crimes out there (not the ones that are faked by the “victim”) look no further than the Berkeley campus.  

Jack Posobiec reports that police have ID’d the assailant and arrest is “imminent”.

Take a look:

In case you haven't followed the story, below are two videos of the brutal attack on a man whose only offense seems to be that he's a "conservative".


Take a look:

Meanwhile, look at this DISGUSTING headline and story from CNN.

I mean really, CNN?

The headline reads "allegedly attacked".  

What part of that giant punch in the face right below your headline is "allegedly" CNN?  

What a stupid headline!  

It's not allegedly when we can see him taking a giant fist to the face!  

And then look at the first sentence of the article:  "A conservative activist reported he was attacked....."

Ummm, wrong again CNN!  

He didn't "report" it, the video is proof that his face got pummeled by the violent leftist's fist!


I don't know what more you need to see to understand the extreme BIAS in the media.

Compare this story to the Jussie Smollett story where the media fawned all over Smollett and accepted the attack at face value with no evidence.

Of course, we all know how that ended, with Smollett charged by police for fabricating the entire thing.

But when there's video proof of a conservative getting his face caved in by the violent left, all we get is "allegedly" and "reported".  

What a joke!

Here are three stories CNN ran before Smollett story was exposed as a FRAUD.

Note how all three of them refer to the "attack" not the "alleged attack" despite the fact that there was no video evidence at all.


Take a look:




Berkeley Side had more info on the assailant and the impending arrest:

UC Berkeley police have identified a man suspected of punching a right-wing activist on Sproul Plaza on Tuesday but he has not been arrested yet, nor have police released his name.
Videos of the incident went viral this week, after they were shared by conservative groups and figures calling the assault a leftist attack on students’ free speech. UC Berkeley has said, however, that neither the activist or the man suspected of punching him are students, and there is no indication the man is affiliated with any left-wing groups.
The most-viewed video begins in the middle of an altercation between two young men, one of whom was recruiting on Sproul Plaza for Turning Point USA, a national nonprofit that organizes right-wing college students.

In the video, the Turning Point recruiter is holding his phone out, appearing to film the other man. The man walks into the recruiter and swings his sweatshirt at him.

“Put your hands on me again, motherfucker,” he says to the recruiter. “Racist little…bitch.” He then punches the recruiter in the face and walks off, continuing to curse at him.

UCPD Sgt. Bryan Sato said Friday that the department received a report of battery around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, and is continuing to investigate the incident. UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof and UCPD sent a statement Friday afternoon announcing a suspect had been identified. His name was not released.

UCPD also sent out an alert Wednesday, saying two men had initially approached the Turning Point table, according to the report police received.

“A physical confrontation ensued when one of the two men slapped the phone out of the victim’s hand,” the alert said. “The suspect then knocked over the table the victim was at and the two men struggled over the phone. During the incident, the suspect punched the victim several times causing injury to the victim’s eye and nose.”

UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ sent a campus-wide statement Thursday about the incident.

“Let there be no mistake, we strongly condemn violence and harassment of any sort, for any reason,” Christ said. “That sort of behavior is intolerable and has no place here. Our commitment to freedom of expression and belief is unwavering.”


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