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CNN Media Bias EXPOSED In Plain Sight!

It's all right here....


Do you want to see point blank evidence of the CROOKED MEDIA Bias that we’re always talking about?

We’ve got the perfect example for you.  

If this doesn’t open up some eyes, nothing will.

Let’s take a look at how the Media is treating the violent attack on the conservative student at Berkeley compared to how they treated the Jussie Smollett story (before it blew up in their face).

In case you haven't seen the violent attack on the Berkeley campus, here are two videos:

So what you have there is a conservative student attacked for no reason other than he's a conservative.....and he's getting his face caved in!

Now, here's where the Media Bias comes in.

Let's take a look at how CNN is treating this story.

I've got their most recent headline and story copied below.

The headline reads "allegedly attacked".  

What part of that giant punch in the face right below your headline is "allegedly" CNN?  

What a stupid headline!  

It's not allegedly when we can see him taking a giant fist to the face!  

And then look at the first sentence of the article:  "A conservative activist reported he was attacked....."

Ummm, wrong again CNN!  

He didn't "report" it, the video speaks for itself and is proof that his face got pummeled by the violent leftist's fist!


I don't know what more you need to see to understand the extreme BIAS in the media.

Now, let's compare this story to the Jussie Smollett story where the media fawned all over Smollett and accepted the attack at face value with no evidence.

Of course, we all know how that ended, with Smollett charged by police for fabricating the entire thing.

But when there's video proof of a conservative getting his face caved in by the violent left, all we get is "allegedly" and "reported".  

What a joke!

Here are three stories CNN ran before Smollett story was exposed as a FRAUD.

Note how all three of them refer to the "attack" not the "alleged attack" despite the fact that there was no video evidence at all.


Take a look:




So tell me.....what more do you need to see to understand the Media Bias is the true enemy of the people?

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