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RUTHLESS? Americans Questioning #WhereIsRuth As Justice Hasn’t Been Seen For Weeks

Oh boy....


Let me get something cleared up right out of the gate:  this article is not making any conclusions.  It’s not suggesting Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead.  It’s merely reporting the facts. 

And let me clear up one other thing:  we don’t wish ill on anyone.  I hope she’s ok.  But with all of that said, Americans have the right to ask legitimate questions, and they are doing just that.

As a famous media empire once said, “We Report, You Decide”.

And what we have to report are a couple things.

One, I do not believe Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been seen in public for many weeks.  Could even be months now.  

Please leave a comment if anyone can substantiate the last known public appearance of Justice Ginsburg.

Two, people are starting to ask questions.  

The hashtag #WhereIsRuth is picking up steam on Twitter and could soon be trending.  

And quite frankly, people are asking very good questions.

Like:  is there a requirement that a Supreme Justice be mentally fit and actually show up to work in order to retain the seat?

Very good questions.

Sure, Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, but don't they need to actually be doing the job themselves?  

The Supreme Court should be about real analysis of cases, active involvement by the Justices, applying the law to facts, making historic rules to shape our nation.

I don't believe it's sufficient to just have a "liberal vote" mailed in by Ginsburg's seat for every case.  

The questions on Twitter are rising, here are just a FEW:



And of course don't forget this from last week, when Fox News briefly ran this graphic:

Of course Fox News has apologized and said it was just a mistake, but all these facts together start to make you wonder.

Not only are people asking #WhereIsRuth on Twitter, they are posting videos on YouTube asking the same question!

Here are two from regular, average Americans asking what's going on: she ok?

I hope so!  

Is she qualified to continue doing the job?  

I'd have to say that's unclear at the moment.

Here's to hoping we see her in public soon!

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