Far-Left Activist Actress Alyssa Milano Makes VILE Attack On ALL Trump Supporters!

Completely offensive!


This is grossly offensive!

No, not the MAGA hats that Alyssa Milano complains about.

What’s offensive if the Tweet she just posted, which slandered all Trump supporters.

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Take a look:

The red MAGA hat is the new white hood.

Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself. #FirstThoughtsWhenIWakeUp

Are you kidding me with this?

Look, Who's The Boss was a great show, but she's really ruining my memory of it.  

What has she done other than glom along with that great show?  


And who is she to lecture us?  

Can anyone tell me why I should give a DAMN what her opinion is?

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Especially in a case like this where her opinion is very uninformed, slanderous and just plain wrong?

So vile.  

Such a completely vile thing to say on so many different levels.

By the way, the story she's so mad about?  It's turning out it may not even be true!

Take a look:

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But I'm sure old Alyssa Milano will be nowhere to be found when the FACTS come out.  

Where's the apology Alyssa? 

I'm waiting!

I would call for a Boycott of anything this lady is in, but I don't think she's done anything productive for years!

At least nothing that I care about.

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Memo to "celebrities":  stop trying to lecture us on morality, you're failing!  

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