READ BETWEEN THE LINES: There May Be Big Clues In President Trump's Speech Today!

READ BETWEEN THE LINES: There May Be Big Clues In President Trump’s Speech Today!

Read between the lines....

President Trump is set to give make a big announcement today at 3pm.

Here’s what he teased out on Twitter:


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Speculation is building about what the announcement will be.  

Many people believe it will have something to do with this article:

Did President Trump Lay The Most Genius Trap For The Democrats Over The Government Shutdown?

While that may be true, it may not be as obvious as you might expect.  

It might not be the "bombastic" announcement some people are expecting.

But will there be clues?

Take a look at this, which I think might end up being totally accurate:


And don't forget this friends:


So when he makes the big announcement today, be sure to read between the lines!

Love to get your thoughts on all of this.

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