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IT’S HAPPENING: Troops Deployed To Border To Upgrade And Build 160 Miles Of Fencing!



President Trump is not being slowed down by a Democrat Congress!

He’s pressing on!

Way to go Mr. President!


Here’s a quick summary from our friends over at MAGAvoter:

As the issue of border security continues to divide the nation, leaving the federal government locked in a partial shutdown which has dragged on for nearly two weeks, more US troops are reportedly heading to the southern border to bolster security.

According to new information, additional soldiers will be deployed to the US-Mexico border with orders to overhaul existing fencing and construct new fencing along approximately 160 miles along the border.

Currently, around 4,400 US military personnel remain at the border, having been dispatched earlier in the fall with orders to aid US law enforcement personnel in securing the border as thousands of Central American migrants demanded entry.

Democrats, who have adamantly opposed President Trump’s demands for funding to increase security at the border, including his planned border wall, continue to oppose the president’s efforts, taking over the House on Thursday and rallying behind Speaker Pelosi.

Now, with Congressional Democrats promising to block Trump at every turn, many believe utilizing the military to work around their attempts at obstruction could be his best option to secure the border before the 2020 election.

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And even NPR reported it:

More troops are expected to be deployed to the Southern border to construct or upgrade 160 miles of fencing and provide medical care to a steady stream of migrant families arriving from Central America, according to military sources.

The deployment and fence construction along the California and Arizona borders would be paid for by the Pentagon, from the Department of Defense's discretionary funding.

The move comes as President Trump continues to demand more than $5 billion from Congress for border security and a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Congressional Democrats oppose the move, and parts of the federal government have been shut down because of the impasse.

The Department of Defense has not been affected by the shutdown.

Last month Trump tweeted that "the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall" after he said that much of it already has been built. The president was referring to several hundred miles of existing fencingalong the Southern border.

A few days later, Trump repeated his intention to have the Defense Department do the job, saying in another tweetthat because of crime and drugs flowing through the border "the United States Military will build the Wall!"

The Department of Homeland Security — which has had to cease some operations, although not border security — made the request for more troops to shore up the border with Mexico.

The request will very likely mean the deployment of more forces, including combat engineers and aviation units. There are now some 2,300 active troops on the border and an additional 2,100 National Guard troops.

The active-duty deployment was scheduled to be completed at the end of January, while the Guard troops are scheduled to remain until September.

A senior military official said the new request could include thousands more troops and that installing the fencing could take months. The Pentagon is now considering which units to send.

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And from CNN:

Some of the active-duty troops who President Donald Trump ordered to help secure the southern border have begun departing and thousands of them could be home by the end of the month, according to a US defense official.

The official said the exact number of troops to stay on the border after the drawdown has not been finalized, but about 2,500 to 4,000 will remain on deployment. That means as many as 2,700 could soon return home.

The border deployment was initially expected to last until December 15 but was recently extended to January 31 following a request from the Department of Homeland Security.

CNN previously reported that the number of troops assigned to the mission would likely drop down to 4,000 as engineers involved in enhancing infrastructure at points of entry completed their tasks.

A separate Defense official says most of the troops to be drawn down will come from Texas.

A Department of Homeland Security official confirmed that some troops will be pulling back, saying it was because of the "requirements of the mission."

Pentagon spokesman Col. Rob Manning said Monday, "Currently, there are approximately 5,200 service members deployed in support of DHS, Customs/Border Patrol along the Southwest border, and the breakdown is as such: 2,200 troops are in Texas, 1,350 troops are in Arizona, and 1,650 troops are in California." 

"You asked about when troops will be moving. Some units have completed their mission and have already started to partially redeploy. Other units have been identified to rotate home, and will be returning home over the next several weeks," Manning added.

Trump also deployed some 2,300 National Guard troops to the border as part of an earlier mission. They are scheduled to be there until at least September 2019.

Active-duty troops on the border peaked at about 5,800.

The Associated Press was first to report the drawdown.

The imminent drawdown comes as Trump has publicly weighed having the military construct his sought-after wall along the southern border.

On Tuesday, the President tweeted that the military could build it, should Congress not provide adequate funding.

Later on Tuesday, he clashed publicly with Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi, of California, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, of New York, about funding the wall.

Two US officials tell CNN that the National Security Council is planning to hold a Principles Committee meeting Friday focused on border security and the border wall. Secretary of Defense James Mattis is expected to attend.


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