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Sen. Jim Inhofe Just Introduced The “Wall Act” To Fund Trump’s Border Wall By Reducing Assistance To Illegals

That works for me!


Nice work Jim!

Senator Jim Inhofe may not be a household name, but he’s getting some big press for the new legislation he just rolled out.

Called the “Wall Act”, the legislation aims to fund Trump’s border wall through offsets saved by reducing assistance given to illegals.

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Sounds brilliant to me, way to go Jim!


Take a look at this Tweet:

The Daily Wire had more on the story:

On Thursday, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) announced legislation that would fund President Trump’s long-promised southern border wall.

The aptly-named "WALL Act" would allegedly offset the estimated $25 billion cost of the southern border wall by reducing government assistance to illegal immigrants.

First, the legislation would require a "work-authorized Social Security Number (SSN) to claim refundable tax credits, like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Child Tax Credit."

According to a press release accompanying Inhofe’s announcement, with the way the system currently works, "only the child needs a SSN, not the parent benefiting from the refundable child tax credit." His proposed legislation would require any adult seeking an EITC or Child Tax Credit to provide their own "work-eligible Social Security Number" (SSN).

Second, any individuals applying for various welfare programs would not only have to provide a "work-authorized" Social Security Number, but would be checked against the E-Verify database.

Third, the legislation would ramp up "minimum fines on illegal border crossers."

The above proposal would work in tandem with another piece of legislation introduced by Senator Inhofe in August, called the "Asylum Abuse Reduction Act." This legislation would have those seeking asylum in the United States first make their "credible fear" claim in Mexico, Canada, or another country before "being considered for admittance."

The press release claims that under current practices, "migrants who cross the border illegally and declare asylum are released pending credible fear screenings and other legal procedures, but rarely show up for proceedings."

The legislation would also create a mechanism to identify and apprehend those who have failed to appear for their proceedings. Under the legislation, an asylum seeker who disappears would have a bench warrant on their name. If such an individual were to have a run-in with the law following their failure to appear, the warrant would alert authorities to their unfinished asylum proceedings.

Inhofe’s press release does not state how much money the United States government would save if it were to enact the requirements laid out in his proposed legislation, nor does it offer an estimate. It simply notes that it will "will fully fund the President’s $25 billion border wall while providing specific ways to pay for it."

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Here's more about Sen. from his website:

Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) serves as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sen. Inhofe is a proud Oklahoman and long-time resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While our country is in the most threatened position in American history, Sen. Inhofe remains committed to rebuilding our military from the readiness crisis and addressing the growing threats from our enemies. As the Chairman for the Senate Armed Services Committee, he plays a key role in ensuring that our military has the best equipment, training and resources necessary to meet our nation’s diverse security challenges.

Widely regarded by his peers and industry partners as a long time and staunch supporter of our men and women in uniform, he believes that protecting our country is the first function of the federal government, as dictated by the United States Constitution.

A champion of long-term reform of the Defense Department to become more efficient and effective, he has focused on streamlining the acquisition process in the face of multiple failures in the recent past. He has pushed the military and the defense industrial base to invest in research and development to validate requirements early while simplifying and shortening the process. He has worked relentlessly to deliver the best equipment to our service members, while making sure that taxpayers get the best value for their money. Earlier this year, he received the Eisenhower Award from the National Defense Industrial Association for his commitment to raising public awareness of the needs of our military and defense communities.

Sen. Inhofe has a long history of public service, beginning with his service in the U.S. Army to his current role in the United States Senate. He has a well-deserved reputation as an unabashed conservative who gets things done. He is a strong advocate of common sense Oklahoma values, including less government, less regulation, lower tax rates, fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense.

In addition to his role on Armed Services, Sen. Inhofe is also a member of the Environment & Public Works Committee, the Commerce Committee and the Small Business Committee.

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