“Only At A Trump Rally”

Incredible photos and videos!


The Tweet was captioned “Only at a Trump Rally” and boy is that true!

I was so happy I stumbled across this, because it really needs to go viral.  

Of course, it hasn’t yet.  

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Nope – doensn’t fit the MSM agenda!

But it does fit the MAGA agenda!  The MAGA agenda is we’re all in this together!  All races, all people.  If you’re American and you love our Country, that’s all that matters!

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And nothing better symbolizes that ideology than what happened outside a recent Trump rally.

A huge thank you to Twitter user @KirbyTheGiver for posting this video.  

From just what you can see in the video, I count at least three different races, all Americans, signing together in an impromptu chorus for America:

Make America Great Again,
That’s what we want.

Make America Great Again,
That’s what we want.

Thanks to our President!

That feels like a hymn straight out of church!

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These guys are awesome!

Hey @realdonaldtrump, let’s get one of these choruses going inside the next MAGA Rally!  How amazing would that be to hear 77,000 people in Houston singing this!


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