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Kim Clement was a wonderful prophet. 

His prophecies were tested and proven time and again.  

And that really is the test of a prophet.  Do their prophecies come true, or do they constantly fall flat?  

Kim rarely (if ever) missed.  

And if you haven’t seen this one where he prophecies the rise of Donald Trump to the Presidency, you have to see it!

This was given February 22, 2014, before Donald Trump had officially come onto the scene for the presidential race.  

There is so much to marvel at in this prophecy, but here are just a few gems:

He says this man (speaking of Trump) will be associated with “gold”.

He will restore American prosperity.

He will not be “verbose” like Obama, but he will speak careful words.  

They will yell “impeach, impeach!” but it will not be so.

They will even say this President is not speaking up enough, but it won’t matter because God has appointed him.

The Lord says the plan he has laid is SO BRILLIANT it could only come from me (YHWH).

He says this President is a (very stable?) genuis.

He says there will be a second Snowden arising very soon.

God calls hiim “His David for America”

He says remember the name Stone (as in Roger Stone?)

There are probably more that we just don’t understand yet!  

Each time I watch this I glean new revelations!

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I think my faavorite is where he claims they will say he is not speaking up enough.  Does that sound familiar?  So many people are saying that right now.  They’re saying Mr. Trump, please defend yourself!  Please fight back!  #LockHerUp!

Well, if this prophecy is correct, and you’ve learned by now I think it is, then a plan so brilliant that only the LORD could have put it together has already been set in place!  

I have said it many times before.  Trump looks WAY too calm, WAY too confident right now, much more than he should, unless…..he already has the goods on the Deep State and he’s just waiting for the perfect time to unleash it!

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Without further adieu, please watch and enjoy:


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