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You’re About To Witness What Was Thought To Be Impossible Just One Year Ago….

Absolutely brilliant.


This video is absolutely brilliant.

It lays out a theory that President Trump has laid the biggest sting operation in American history, trapping the Clintons, Podesta, Obama and all their crooked friends.

We don’t know yet if the theory will prove accurate, but it is just brilliant.  The sort of thing you would not put past Donald Trump to pull off!

The video does a better job than I could ever summarize, and it’s only 12 minutes long, so please do yourself the favor and watch and enjoy!

But if you can’t want, here is the brief summary.  Also, scroll all the way down and I’ve included the transcript of the video if it’s easier for you to read it.

The short summary is that in 2015 or earlier, Donald Trump was tipped off the the UraniumOne corruption.  Corruption at the highest levels of government.  Trump was brought into confidence by a patriot American or a group of patriots because they viewed him as outside the Swamp and one of the one people in the country powerful enough to take down the criminal operation.  They knew Trump loved America and would not be able to ignore the details once he was told.

Armed with the knowledge of the treason that had occured at the highest levels of our government, Trump knew he had one advantage.  The element of surprise.  Employing Sun Tzu’s the Art of War, he played that one advantage to an incredible outcome.  He knew the Clintons, Podestas and Obamas were in deep with Russia, so he employed the ultimate snare trap, a sting operation so brilliant that they never saw it coming.  They were so blinded by their hatred of Trump that they, and the Crooked Media, walked willingly right into his trap.

Trump began praising Putin, linking himself to Putin in blatantly obvious ways, knowing it would lead his enemies to launch a “Russian investigation”.  But knowing he was 100% clean, Trump had nothing to fear.  There was no collusion.  He also knew that the trap they set for him would be the one to ultimately ensnare them.  Kind of reminds me of Psalm 141:10:  “Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by in safety.”  That is Trump’s life verse!

So blinded by their hatred for him, the DNC and Media foolishly launched an investigation into the very thing they were so guilty of….collusion with Russia and treason against the United States.  The trap has now been set, the prey caught.  There are currently 17 sealed indictments filed that are suspected to be against the Clintons, Podestas and Obamas.  They will be unsealed soon.

This theory explains so much.  It explains why Jeff Sessions appears to not be doing anything, when really it’s all happening behind the scenes.  Remember, the element of surprise is key in The Art of War.  It also explains why Donna Brazille recently sold out Hillary Clinton.  Brazille knows Clinton is about to go down and she’s trying to distance herself.

Anyway….please watch the video.  I didn’t create it, but I believe it to be absolutely brilliant!

If true, Donald Trump will sit alone atop the mountain of American greats.  Beyond even Washinton or Lincoln, Trump will go down in history as the single greatest American President we have ever had or ever will have in the future.  Mark it down.



If you can't watch the video, please read the transcript here:

you're about to witness something that was deemed to be an impossibility a

previous administration that was so corrupt across so many agencies with so

many people involved it made it invincible but it's about to

be rolled up dozens of people are going to go to prison and you know most of the

names well as I said in my last video the purge truth is spilling out like

never before and it made me think of this passage which my friend gonns

shamira from face like the son tweeted out shortly after nothing is hidden that

will not be made manifest nor is anything secret that will not be known

and come to light so it's pretty astounding to see the Daily Mail report

today that Charlie Sheen raped 13 year old Corey Haim on the set of the movie

Lucas according to a friend of the late child actor of course these same

allegations have been hinted at by Corey Haims fret and Corey Feldman and it

remains astounding to us that when the alt media reports about pedo gate and

pizza gate our videos are immediately deemed not advertiser friendly but when

the Today Show reports on pedo Gate in interviews Corey Feldman their videos

are of course fully monetized here's the results of the monetization on just our

most recent truth videos the purge not suitable for most advertisers the

monsters among us not suitable for most advertisers monsters aren't born they

are created not suitable for most advertisers

according to YouTube and the same is true for proof media law enforcement are

lying about the Vegas shooting it's just not suitable for most advertisers

because YouTube is a gatekeeper for the corporate oligarchy but guess what we

the people are coming after the corporate oligarchy and in the case of

the allegations against Charlie Sheen he's just an actor a Hollywood actor

when we talk about pizza gate which is the DC centric problem of child sex

trafficking the world is run by do you think for one minute that high-powered

well-connected deep state politicians can't and don't get away with these same

behaviors if Charlie Sheen could for the better part of his entire career and in

this video I want to highlight a story from our friend investigative journalist

croakin who wrote today how Mueller and president Trump are pulling the biggest

sting in history but before I get to that let's set the stage with some of

these tweets from Stealth Jeff on Twitter at draw and strike using threat

reader here we just want to remind you how far we've come since Trump took

office stealth Jeff writes this started either

before Trump announced his run for president or soon thereafter someone who

knew what happened told him someone in the IC likely military Intel sat trump

down and laid out the entire uranium 1 bribery scheme how all across the

breadth of the Obama administration people in high offices took massive

bribes to facilitate the selling of uranium to Russia it involved so many

people it compromised so many agencies the people who did it counted on it

never being exposed or prosecuted the links to which they corrupted our

government offices to enrich themselves by selling out our country virtually

ensured that they would walk people knew but nobody could talk the people

involved in the scheme were at the highest levels of the American

government so Patriots in our government had their

hands tied there was nothing they could do to stop the sale even after some of

the dirty facts behind uranium one became known in 2015 it was easily

buried ignored or passed by and I'll add by a complicit compliant mainstream

media but somebody took a chance on Trump they sat him down walked him

through what happened ponder the impossible task being revealed even if

he won the election he'd be taking over a government that had been corrupted and

compromised by the previous administration to a degree that was

almost unfathomable how do you go about restoring the US government to what it

should be instead of what it's become and Trump and his advisors came up with

a plan a brilliant plan an intelligence operation based on deception it started

during the primaries when Trump began taking every opportunity he could to

brag about what good friends he'd be with Putin Trump literally could not

seem to shut up about how awesomely awesome his relationship with Putin was

going to be in North Carolina today Hillary Clinton

into Donald Trump for lavishing praise on Vladimir Putin even taking the

astonishing step of suggesting he prefers the Russian president to our

American president it became a running joke campaign feature engendering much

hand-wringing and concerned why does Trump keep going out of his way to

incessantly brag about the sweet sweet deals he and Putin are gonna do together

go back and look during the primaries during the general election campaign

what happened every time Trump did this Putin Act he literally trolled all of

the people who took dirty Russian money to compromise our national security into

attacking him for it and all he was doing was talking about something he

hadn't done yet and would never really do literally every single time Trump

talked about his good friend Vladimir Hillary reminded him Putin is not our

ally that is not just unpatriotic it's not just insulting to the office and the

man who holds the office it is scary it is dangerous Obama condescendingly

chided Trump for his friendly talk about Putin Holder was aghast Lynch was

stunned and they fell right into his trap

he talked about doing deals with a guy all of these traders took bribes from to

sell uranium to all of this stuff about uranium one were just now finding out

about Trump and sessions knew about all of this before they were sworn in part

of the intelligence op Trump and company are running is you never show what you

know you keep your enemy in the dark Trump and sessions knew about all of the

details of uranium 1 before the election how much uranium was being shipped to

Moscow who facilitated the shipping they already know all of this so here's where

the second part of the intelligence operation begins you convince people

it's Trump and his team being investigated all of the traders who

facilitated the uranium 1 deal were on high alert after the transfer of power

would they be sniffed out well not to worry

rest easy Hillary Podesta almost immediately the new president and his

team end up embroiled in a very public scandal Trump asks Comey to back off

Flynn and fires Comey who leaks memos to the New York Times and demands

appointment of a spell council with a president who bragged

about doing deals with russia an advisor caught on the phone with the russian

ambassador everybody agrees great idea let's appoint a special counsel to

investigate Russian interference in our election so be it Jeff Sessions then

recuse himself from the Russian investigation but remember he already

knows everything anyway deputy AG rod Rosenstein then appoints

Bob Mueller and tasks him with investigation of the Russian

interference in the 2016 election Mueller and rosin steam both already

know that Trump and sessions both know all of the details of uranium 1 got it

an intelligence operation based on deception calls for putting the enemy at

ease because they don't understand what you're really doing the reality Mueller

has been digging even deeper into uranium 1 and in diffusion GPS and the

Trump dossier he has found Russian interference in the 2016 election do you

know what it was he found a massive Russian bribery

scheme involving one of the presidential candidates in which she compromised US

national security he also found this very same candidate illegally funding

solicitation of information from Russian government sources to smear the other

candidate and to compound that offense this candidate also tried to hide her

funding of this dossier by using a law firm which is illegal

the investigation is mostly over most of the indictments from the grand juries

have been made sealed you're about to witness something that was deemed to be

an impossibility a previous administration that was so corrupt

across so many agencies with so many people involved

it made it invincible but it's about to be rolled up dozens of people are going

to go to prison and you know most of the names not until the hammer actually

falls and all of the 17 sealed indictments are unsealed well most

people figure out what Trump and his team did and it's literally too late at

this point to stop what's coming that window closed weeks ago examples will be

made of these people when Trump and sessions are done no one will ever try

this kind of treason again so now we'll jump over

to that Liz croakin article and I believe she's quite right and it

reflects much of what stealth Jeff has already said Trump did not collude with

Russia the left and the media have carried that narrative based off of lies

and a fake dossier which by the way Hillary Clinton paid for Trump allowed

them to carry their false narrative because he knew he was innocent and that

the investigation would eventually turn to the real parties who colluded with

Russia the Clintons what stands out in the affidavit Rosenstein signed included

quote matters that arose or may arise from the investigation because they knew

an investigation into Russian collusion would eventually lead to Clinton the

left and the media have been so blinded by their partisanship that they failed

to see that the greatest bait-and-switch in the history of the world is going

down right before their very eyes they've naively assumed that since

Muller had been part of the swamp he'd protect the swamp so the investigation

is steering straight for the guilty actors and Tony Podesta is under the gun

for the Podesta group's involvement with selling the country's uranium to Russia

this will lead to indictments of his brother John Clinton's former campaign

manager and yes Hillary to multiple sources have confirmed to me that

Podesta is one of the 17 sealed indictments currently sitting in

Washington DC other guilty swamp creatures are

catching on to the true nature of Mueller's investigation as well on

October 30th Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued a call for an independent

investigation into Trump's alleged campaign collusion with Russians just

moments after Mueller unsealed indictments for campaign operatives Paul

Manafort and Rick gates she's also softened her tone from

calling for Trump's impeachment - now stating impeaching Trump is not

some place we should go last week top Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Donna

Brazile threw Clinton under the bus by admitting she rigged the primary against

Bernie Sanders why would they do this now they're distancing themselves from

Clinton for a reason on November 3rd the hill reported that Trump said that he'll

be proven innocent in the Russian election meddling investigation if

special counsel Mueller treats everything fairly and Trump said and if

he is I'm going to be very happy because when you talk about innocent

I am truly not involved in any form of collusion with Russia endless croaking

concludes if my theory proves to be correct this will go down is one of the

most brilliant sting operations in history as you guys know our friend Liz

croakin has been pointing her finger directly at the deep state traders and

she knows very well that pizza gate and pedo gate are very real President Trump

is the first president in history united states that has vowed to go after not

only pedophiles but the elite pedophiles we live in very exciting times my

SIGN THE PETITION: Release The Epstein Client List!

friends and again Luke 817 for nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest

nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light thanks for



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