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Do you know the name Trey Smith?

Or Kim Clement?

If so, you’re going to LOVE this new video.

If you don’t know those names, you might want to!

Trey Smith makes amazing Biblical videos and they are something of a legend in their own right.

But recently he’s made his Trump support very clear, and has started to piece together videos showing how the mighty right arm of the LORD is firmly upon Trump.

It’s incredible!

In this video, he attends Trump’s recent rally in Missouri and shows how the line wraps FOR A MILE around the building……TWICE!

As we previously reported here, over 20,000 people were TURNED AWAY because they hit capacity!

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In fact, reports were that the lines started forming at 2:00am the day of the rally!  

Meanwhile, Obama could only draw 750 people at his rally….in California!

People, you don’t need to be a genius to look at this and understand there is a MASSIVE RED WAVE coming in both 2018 and 2020!

Trey is on record quoting to Kim Clement and others saying the Midterms will be the biggest victory for Republicans in recorded history.  

So if you’re one of those people who say why don’t you ever hear about prophecies ahead of time….mark this one down, because you’re hearing about it right here, right now, on September 30, 2018.

I love some of Trey’s comments in this video, they literally make my hair stand up on end with the power of God!

He (God) put a guy in there that makes the evil people mad….and He likes watching that!

Guys, I’d be careful if you’re the people on the other end of the fence because the person you’re really fighting is God (not Trump). 

And on top of that, you’re fighting with the guy who God put in there.

Maybe Trump’s whole history prepared him for this very day, for these very hours… have the toughness to stand up to someone like Hillary Clinton.  Many people don’t keep breathing after they disagree with her.

He turned down the Presidential salary, he only takes $1 per year.

The LORD speaks through these videos.

The next thing that’s to come?  You’ve never seen anything like it.  You’re in the hours that all the prophets looked an saw…’re in the final TRUMPet.  

It’s the setting of the stage.  

I’m not going to say anything more about this video because you just need to watch.

Comment back here and SHARE if you felt the Spirit of the LORD while watching!  


God bless you Trey!


Trey Smith and Kim Clement are not the only prophets to have declared the "largest turnover in midterms history".

Read this from the Firefighter Trump Prophet:  "Biggest Turnover In History Coming November 2018!"


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