Trump Just Came Out Swinging On Two Major News Stories!

Trump Just Came Out Swinging On Two Major News Stories!

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to hammer fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, saying the Russia investigation should be closed and that the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of an illegal email server should be reopened.

Agree and Agree!

What took you so long Donald?

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Honestly, our President’s patience on these two matters has been astounding.  Sometimes frustratingly astounding.  

But here at WeLoveTrump we have a theory.  We belive President Trump has the smoking gun (or smoking guns, as the case may be) against the entire Deep State.  Including the likes of Obama, Hillary and even low-level low-lifes like Strzok.  We believe his calm is the result of knowing he has the smoking gun and he’s just waiting for the right time to deploy it.

And it feels like we’re getting real close.

As noted by the Washington Examiner, Strzok was responsible for opening and overseeing the bureau’s Trump-Russia investigation as well as the Clinton email probe.  

Coincidence?  I think not.

Strzok kept the Russia probe going for months before a special counsel was appointed.  Then he was kept on as an employee for unknown reasons, even after his email scandal broke!  

Trump had finally had enough:

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Mr. Trump, please take down the Deep State!

It's time to fight back.  It's time to clear the record.  It's time to restore America.

Don't let them continue to attack you.  

The "Deplorables" have your back.....all 70 million of us!  

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